Thursday 2 October 2014

September Favourites

Hi everyone!
It's officially October, and you know what that means....September favourites time! It also means Autumn which is super exciting, as Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons.

My first favourite this month is the 'Cupcake' face mask by Lush. Me and my sister were having one of those days when everything feels like it's going wrong, and we stopped by Lush to get some stuff for a girlie night in to try and cheer us up. We chose this chocolate face mask aimed at teenage skin, and it was so fun to use! It really made us laugh seeing each other covered in chocolate, and we ended up having a really nice evening, so I had to put this in the favourites. My skin felt a lot softer after, and I noticed a difference in my skin the next morning. Recommend this one!

Next I've been loving the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I use it to take off my make up before I wash my face, and it leaves my skin feeling extremely refreshed. It takes off eye makeup easily, and is gentle enough that if you do get a tiny bit in your eyes, it doesn't hurt too badly. I saw this in Jordan's ( favourites last month, and I'm so glad I decided to try it!

I've never been big on eyelash curlers, purely because I can't normally be bothered using them. In September I used this pink leopard print one from Forever21, and I love the way it gives my eyelashes more definition. Also, if my makeup is quite natural (as it usually is) it gives my eyes a slightly more dramatic look, which I think is great. If you've never really looked into an eyelash curler before, I would suggest that you give one a go - this one was only £2.99 or something like that, so it's not a huge investment.

Since going back to college, I have liked using these shine absorber sheets by Kleenex. Whenever I get a free moment I pop to the bathroom and use one of these to take some of the oil out of my skin, to give it a matte look. I like these because it means you don't have to keep applying translucent powder, you can just quickly use one of the sheets and be good to go.

I'm a big fan of the instant mocha, so when I tried this 'Double Choca Mocha' by Nescafe I knew it wouldn't let me down...and it really didn't! I don't have much to say about this other than...oh my mocha-ery goodness. Tip: sprinkle a little bit of cocoa powder on the top, and then a little bit of sugar - it tastes amazing!
I got these combat boots a few years ago from New Look, and I've never really had the courage to wear them until this month. Autumn and boot weather is approaching fast, so I have literally worn these every day! They go with a lot of outfits, but I like to pair them with a skirt and tights, or to spice up a pair of leggings. A pair of boots is a must have for the colder months, and I am really looking forward to getting some more use out of this pair.
So they are my September favourites! I recommend every single one (although some items may not be still available) for you to try! What have been your favourite things in the month of September?
Emily xoxo


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