Monday 24 August 2015

The Summer Salad

So, I'm not the best cook in the world. And by that, I mean up until a couple of months ago I couldn't fry an egg. Despite this pretty major setback, I love the idea of eating clean and healthy, and am quite excited for going away to uni when I can experiment more with the idea of healthy eating. This summer I've perfected my favourite salad, which I eat alone for lunch, or with a roll for dinner (its important to remember that carbs aren't necessarily all bad, you need them for energy! Plus, because I'm anaemic my energy levels aren't always the highest anyway, so I need as much as I can get.) On with the salad recipe!

Romaine Lettuce (I use two full leaves)
Tomatoes - I just grab a handful from my greenhouse
Some Cucumber
Cashew Nuts
Feta Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar

This is essentially a greek salad with a few components taken away (ew, get the heck out of here olives, who even are you) and added in.
  • Once you've washed the lettuce, strawbs and tomatoes, set out all your ingredients and begin to tear up the leaves, using them as the base of the salad.
  • Next cut slices of cucumber and strawberries and place them as you like on the bed of leaves - personally I always make a symmetrical pattern.
  • Add in the tomatoes and cashews.
  • Place slices of chicken on top of the salad, crumble feta over it all, and lightly pour balsamic to seal the deal.
(I know you're probably thinking that instructions weren't needed, but who doesn't want bullet points in a recipe post?)

Voila! The salad is complete, and it is delicious.
Thank me later! What's your favourite healthy summer meal?
Emily xoxo


  1. This salad looks gorgeous, I'll definitely be trying it out. Thanks for posting the recipe :) x

    1. Thankyou! It tastes delicious :) You're welcome!
      Emily xo

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