Sunday 6 March 2016

Youtube Channels I Will Always Watch

I have to admit that lately, I've been feeling (blog-wise), very uninspired. I did everything I thought I needed to do to achieve a blog I was happy with, but I'm learning that a marble background and a few props doesn't deliver everything to you on a silver platter. I'm happy with my content ideas and my newfound love for writing beauty, but at the moment I'm still trying to figure out new ideas for photography (hence, the stockphoto.)

I realised that although I've raved about my favourite bloggers before, I've never given an insight into what vloggers and Youtubers I watch, which is strange because I'm an absolute beauty video junkie. I often find new Youtubers and stick with them for a couple of months, but there are a solid few that I've watched for years, and would highly recommend. I also realised when drafting this that most of these are vloggers with a larger platform, but I don't actually pick channels on a follower basis, and a few of these were a heck of a lot smaller when I started watching way back when.

Beauty Channels
Sun Beams Jess  - I literally love Jess's style of make up, and her personal fashion style is what I aspire to be confident enough to wear. Aside from make up hauls and tutorials, I love the 'Outfits worn in a week' fast paced videos, and a lot of my fashion inspiration is taken from Jess. I find her University videos super helpful as well, so this is a varied channel with a lot of high quality content.


 Kathleen Lights - I've been watching Kathleen's videos for a super long time, because I love her bubbly and down to earth personality, and I know I can trust her reviews. I particularly like to watch the 'Kat Chats', which are chatty and usually pretty funny videos, but her make up tutorials are on point. If you want to drool over make up, watch her make up collection!
Siena Mirabella - Siena is my age exactly, and I think that's why I relate to a lot of her videos. I feel serious envy when I watch her videos, because her room is so pretty and blogger, but aside from that the range of videos on her channel is crazy, and she's so chill that the videos always put me in a calm mood. Plus, isn't her name the prettiest?!
Glitter A Little - Chloe's make up skills are out of this world, and if there is one channel I use to get tips on how to apply my own make up and achieve specific looks, its this one. This make up collection is another amazing one to watch (literally my favourite videos.) Chloe is another youtuber who is the same age as me, and I think that's probably why I gravitate to vloggers of this nature.


Vloggers (All of these have beauty channels, I just tend to watch their Vlogging channels more)
Aspyn&Parker - I think Aspyn is probably the Youtuber I've been watching for the longest, and since she and her husband (P.S watch the wedding video, its so freaking cute) Parker daily vlog, it's become part of my night time routine to watch a A&P vlog before I go to sleep. Aspyn travels everywhere it seems, so the vlogs are always interesting, and to be honest I would recommend subscribing to all her channels, she's my favourite! Also, her braids are amazing, it's so cool.

More Zoella - I feel like the Zoella channel is a bit controversial, but I do genuinely think she deserves all the success she receives, and I've watching for a good few years now. Zoe appears so lovely on camera, and I love seeing a big twenty minute vlog appear in my inbox. I personally think she has handled fame really well, and I like watching Youtubers that still seem down to earth and real after all that has happened with their channel.

Despite my subscription box being filled with videos from over fifty Youtubers, I feel like this is an accurate representation of my favourites!
What do you watch, and who are your favourites?


  1. I loooove watching Jess and Kathleen's videos too! They're two of my absolute faves. Zoe's vlogs are a must watch too, they're so easy to watch and really fun.
    I prefer to watch vloggers these days, for instance, I've been loving Sammi from Beautycrush's and Helen Anderson's vlogs. They seem like such lovely people. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. I'll have to check them out, I'm in such a Vlog craze at the moment! Aw I'm so happy to finally find another Kathleen watcher - isn't she great?!
      Em xo

  2. I love Kathleen lights! I watch her videos when i get ready all the time! By the way I nominated you for the Liebster award and your blog is so amazing :)

    1. Thankyou so much Kathy, that's so kind and its made my day! :)
      Em xo

  3. I don't actually watch any of these, but I've been meaning to check out Sun Beams Jess for a while now!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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