Tuesday 9 June 2015

Tiny Epiphanies

Hi guys!
Today's post is a little bit strange, but I thought it could make quite an interesting read. Lately, I feel like I've been discovering basic facts and tips that I never knew (it might just be because I'm a bit dense, but whatever) and I wanted to compile them into a list and possibly pass on these mini epiphanies to some of you.
  • You know how in one place its raining, and then you travel three minutes in the car and its no longer raining? This has puzzled me for years, and someone pointed it out to me the other day that there isn't a specific boundary line like I originally thought, the boundaries are the edge of the clouds. I know you're probably sat there thinking that I'm stupid for not knowing this, but hey ho, I thought that fact was super interesting.
  • On a text/iMessage chat on iPhones, you can swipe across the screen to see the time that each message was sent - I didn't really you could see each and every time, how exciting!
  • Every time I try to cook a fried egg I fail so badly at it. I never realised that you had to cook the top of the egg, I kind of imagined that it would just cook all the way through from the bottom up. One way to cook the top of the egg is to flip it, but I hate that because then the egg isn't really very runny. A life hack (as told by my Mother Dearest) is that you can spoon the hot oil over the top of the egg to lightly cook it just enough.
  • If you're in Boots and you get to the check out and realise that you've forgotten the all important Boots points card, they can load the points onto your receipt so that next time when you visit, the receipt can be used to load the past points onto your card - ensuring that you never lose valuable points!
  • Okay, until I learned this one I was royally creeped out. Do you ever receive an emoji-ridden message from a friend and a random alien emoji appears? There is an actual alien amoji, and then there's this weird alien-in-a-box type image that shows up when you least expect it. This first happened to me at 2am, when I was alone in my bed in the dark, and I freaked out and assumed I was the chosen one for an extra-terrestrial adventure. Turns out I'm not, and that the alien emoji appears on your screen if you haven't performed the latest system update for your iPhone.
So there you go, random life hacks brought to you by yours truly!
I hope your day is extra sparkly,
Emily xoxo

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