Thursday 27 August 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

Thankyou to Kate for nominating me for this tag! I never really do tags, so this is something a bit different for my blog.
State 10 things you love and 10 things you hate
Tag 10 other bloggers (probably won't do 10, but hey ho, lets go!)
Things I hate
  1. Cows - boy do I detest these creatures. On my bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition my group was chased by a herd of cows, and I really don't think I've ever been that terrified in my whole life. Now I can't walk through a cow field without shedding a tear, or ten. I don't even like beef, so its not like I can get revenge either.
  2. Tuna - Ew. Even typing the word gives me the heeby geebies. You know that one food that you couldn't put on a brave face and eat if someone else's mum served it to you? Yep, this is that food for me - absolutely disgusting.
  3. Boys who take girls for granted (or anyone who takes anyone for granted) - like, get over yourself, they're too good for you anyways.
  4. Foundation marks on white T-shirts - do some people try on clothes, and just rub their face into the material? How does it happen, WHY does it happen? New rule, if you get make up on a white top, you have to purchase it.
  5. The fact that the 'P' key on my laptop has stopped working - When I press the 'P', I don't want to suddenly get a different letter. I like surprises, but that's just nasty.
  6. Bikini/Bra Shopping - I just hate it. Nothing lowers my self esteem more than having to look in the mirror at myself in a bikini. On a side note, I also hate bikinis. How is it socially acceptable to walk around in them?!
  7. Horror Movies - Used to absolutely love 'em. Now I cannot stand them. The other day I watched 'The Babadook', and couldn't sleep in my own bed for two nights! My Mum then proceeded to pretend to BE the Babadook whilst I was in the shower and I screamed and burst into tears.
  8. Smoking - What can I say? I like my lungs healthy.
  9. Sneezing straight after mascara application - why is this situation even allowed to occur really. Its the most annoying, because you can't wipe off mascara under your eyes without taking off the meticulously applied under eye concealer (that was needed due to a sleepless night after watching the aforementioned Babadook).
  10. Double Denim - I'm sorry, I just can't get on board with that trend. Never.

Things I Lurve
  1. Important people in my life - I won't get all soppy and mention names, because I'm not that kind of gal, but you guys know who you are (including my kitty cat Bobo, who I will name because, well, he's just super lovely). I've met some downright awful people, and it just makes me more grateful for you little stars *mwah*
  2. Autumn - We're about to collide into Autumn head first, and I couldn't be happier about it! The clothes, the drinks, the weather - YES.
  3. T Swizzle - Have to mention my homegirl Taylor Swift. I've been obsessed for about six years now, and have seen her on the Speak Now, Red, and 1989 tours. I've grown up with her lyrics blasting around the house, and becoming my life mottos. Favourite song: Fearless.
  4. Shopping - Specifically, clothes shopping. I'm a confessed shopaholic, so much so that I have had to stop buying clothes the last two months to stock up money again. The true cause of my financial demise...Urban Outfitters.
  5. Writing my blog - I just love everything blog related really! Blogging has made its way to the top of my list of hobbies, and I look forward to every blogging moment in the future. There's something so relaxing about my personal corner of the internet.
  6. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill - I could turn on any episode ever and be content that I'm watching quality TV. There's something so moreish about these programmes, I'll never get tired of them! Plus, Chuck Bass and Nathan Scott.
  7. No cheese chicken and sweetcorn pizza - its just the best food (especially with a side of mashed potatos, and then macaroons and pineapple for dessert - okay wow, now I think I'm drooling). I used to think a no-cheese pizza was freaky, but oh how naïve I was back then. Shout out to Hansy for introducing this heavenly meal to me.
  8. Cats - anyone that's met me would straight up say 'cats' to things that I love. It doesn't just have to be my cat (although he's the best, obvs), any cat will do. A cuddle from a cat is the kind of experience that makes a day great, don't you think?
  9. Paris - My favourite city in the entire world *sighs*. Next summer I'm definitely revisiting, either in the form of a creative writing course that takes place in Paris, or passing by whilst inter-railing with friends. Everything about this city just calls to me, the people, the food, the scenery. LOVE.
  10. Picking out presents for people - I adore gift shopping. Buying lots of thoughtful gifts, wrapping them up all cute and piling them into a pretty gift box - now THAT is a job well done.
Wow, that took longer than I expected. Thankyou Kate for the nomination, some of our loves/hates match! I'm taking the time to nominate these lovely people:
I also tag ANYONE who wants to do this post (link me your posts and I'll read 'em!)
Stay Beautiful,
Emily xoxo


  1. Never seen this tag before! What a good one!
    Tasha Rose Beauty

    1. I hadn't either until I was tagged, I really like it! You should try it, I'd love to have a read! x

  2. Love it! You're welcome for the nomination xxx

  3. I nominated you for a liebster award!

    Have a lovely day xo


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