Wednesday 25 November 2015

November Favourites

I've been trying to think of a sassy way to start this post, but is there actually a sassy way to introduce a favourites? Probably not. Honestly, I just centred this whole post around the fact that I have a new MAC lipstick - because we all know that's one of the best things to take place in a beauty bloggers everyday life. I've also trialled a couple of other new-ish products in the last month, and most of them (aside from a few absolute failures) turned out great, so I thought you'd like to hear about them!

Picture this. It's so cold outside that your breath turns to clouds of ice - but inside the house you're all snugged up under a fluffy blanket, in your penguin onesie with the biggest mug of hot chocolate/gingerbread green tea (depending on how luxurious the occasion is), and a festive movie. Isn't that just the idyllic winter situation? Forget meditations about secluded beaches on tropic islands - whack on a Christmas film and you're automatically taken to a happy place. I come from a long line of festive family members, so it's in my blood to have been watching these since October 1st, but this month has been even better because everyone else has been watching them too! My favourites are Love Actually, Nativity, and Home Alone, but I'm always on the lookout for more, so be sure to comment any suggestions. 

Now we get to the lipstick of my dreams - Whirl by MAC. This has been sold out online for a seriously long while, so when I spotted in it the MAC store in Carnaby I knew I had to get it! I write so many blog posts about nude lip colours and my everlasting love for them, and this one is no exception. The formula isn't drying at all, and its this beautiful terracotta nude (it's a close second to Spirit, but I don't think any colour could beat that so its all forgiven). I also picked up a Stila eyeshadow in the shade 'Blue Sapphire', a pretty sparkly blue that's perfect for winter, especially with a silvery lipgloss. Although I've only worn it twice, I know I'll get a heck of a lot of use out of it in December. 

For many years I've been a firm fan of Taylor Swift fragrances, but in the last few months I've started to branch out and try some other brands. Victoria's Secret 'Victoria' is literally the only floral perfume I've ever come across that I've loved, with notes of red berries, crème brulee and rose - its a shame I could only afford the smallest bottle! I've put this on my 18th wishlist for next year, so hopefully this will become my signature scent. I've been using this Skin Purifying Masque from ARK which I got from #NWMeet, and so far its doing the trick because my mega (and I'm talking seriously mega) breakout of late has cleared up! Definitely recommend, since the only thing changed about my skin routine is this mask, and I've seen major positive changes in my skin.
The last thing I wanted to mention is this black and gold statement necklace from CloClo London (I know I know, I need to shut up about this brand). I placed a huge order back in October with about 8 pieces of jewellery, for various gifts and some treats for myself. The jewellery from this brand is so lovely, and such good quality, and this piece is so versatile that I've been able to pair it with about five different outfits so far - and its only been a month!
I hope you've been having a great week, have you entered my giveaway yet? If you haven't seen it, click here to see the post and find out how to win gifts from the like of Stila, Lush and NYX.
What have you been loving recently?
Em xo



  1. I tried the Gingerbread Green Tea a few days ago and loved it! I can't wait to start watching Christmas movies : ) xx

    Lorna | Girl in Albion

    1. Isn't it amazing?! The salted caramel one is also lovely :)


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