Wednesday 16 December 2015

Cosy Winter Lookbook

The fashion aspect of my blog is kicking back into action with my cosy winter lookbook. Lately, I've been wearing a lot of clothing items that feel, well - kind of like I've got a blanket on me (I know I know, goals. Who doesn't want to feel like they're wearing a blanket?!) I chose three of my favourite comfy outfits to show you, one for every sort of festive occasion!
The Cosy Festive Lunch Date Outfit
Bit of a mouthful really, the name might need some tweaking. I've worn this outfit a few times to sixth form or out to lunch with my friends; by far my favourite thing about it is the caramel coloured blanket cardigan from Forever 21, which was a bargain at £9 and keeps me toasty all day long. My Black layered cami is from New Look, the black pants are from Peacocks, and my gorgeous brown boots are from last years Next boxing day sale. To accessorize I picked a gold, chunky statement necklace from Primark, and Revlon's lipstick in 'Black Cherry'.



The Cosy Christmas Day Outfit
I don't know what your personal Christmas day traditions are, but for me the big day is such a comfortable one, and the fancy outfits come on Boxing Day, when I have my second Christmas with another part of the family. I like to stay simple on Christmas, because when you're lounging around eating chocolate and playing board games with your family, you don't need stilettos or diamond earrings. My sweatshirt is from InTheStyle, and I absolutely love it. It's by far my favourite outfit of the three, since the sweatshirt keeps me super warm, and always gets a few giggles of acknowledgement. You could wear this with anything; jeans, leggings, pants, it doesn't matter (as the jumper is the main feature.) My lipstick in this OOTD is 'Dragon Girl' from Nars - which also happens to be one of Taylor Swift's favourite red lipsticks! 
To finish off the look I went for my Candy Cane lime green hair bow from Silly Old Sea Dog, a purchase from the Clothes Show. Catch the rest of my haul from the show here. It really ties the outfit together, and makes it perfect for a festive day with family. 
Winter Walk Outfit
Ah, we've reached the final outfit it seems. I love the simplicity of this one, and especially the black scarf from Forever 21, which is hella soft and snuggly. I'm also wearing some lilac diamanté flower earrings from Forever 21, a simple heather grey Zara T-Shirt jumper, my black velvet damask pants (again from Forever 21), and my black booties from Peacocks, which have a slight heel to give my short legs some boost. It's a comfy and warm outfit, ideal for a winter walk when paired with a thick coat. This is such an effortless and chic combination, and it's one of those that you find yourself repeating over and over again, just so you can burrow your face in the scarf. 

Which was your favourite cosy winter outfit? Mine is probably No.2, but I've been wearing them all non-stop throughout Winter. How do you keep your outfits warm and comfortable?
Stay beautiful!
Em xoxo



  1. Love that jumper hahah!
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