Wednesday 30 December 2015

My Most Popular posts of 2015

2015 is nearly over, and I thought it was fitting to look back through a year of posts and see which ones were a hit. It surprised me how few fashion posts were in the top viewed, and its clear that lifestyle is the overwhelming winner of the top ten overall! I'll start with the least popular (of the ten), and work my way down to the most popular, to build up the anticipation and all that jazz.

10. 22 Lessons I Learned Through Blogging
The title for this one is pretty self explanatory - I feel like I've grown, and learnt a heck of a lot since I started blogging, so I decided to list it all in a post, and it went down pretty well! I guess its something we can all relate to; whether its a beauty hack, a bargain online store, a way to alter the quality of our photos - we've all learnt new things, right?

9. My London #Vlogpost
I took a November trip to London with my gal pals to celebrate some 18ths, and it was the cutest/most festive weekend I've ever embarked on. Ice skating, pizza and shopping always equate to a fab time, me thinks.

8. 13 Reasons to Be Excited About Autumn
For the seasonal enthusiasts among us, I grouped together the best parts of 'Fall'. Definitely the best season, and coincidentally, also one of my most popular posts (I think this is actually my post with the highest number of comments!)

7. NWMeet Goodies
In September I went to my first ever blogger event, and brought back a ton of generously given goodies. This post was basically a haul from that event, featuring lots of well known brands and some amazing treats *heart eyes*, including a light up letter 'E', a tarte mascara, and some Smith's Cult nail polishes.

6. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams 
These babies have fast become my go-to lip product, I absolutely love them and in this post I wrote about first impressions and the three that I purchased. My collection has since grown and I reach for these everyday - if you're thinking about biting the bullet and picking out a few, this post is the one for you.

5. DIY Drinks
Oh my gosh did I enjoy writing and making the drinks for this post. I love experimenting with different flavours within drinks, and in this post I made a Cinnamon Roll White Hot Chocolate and a Caramel Apple Cider Float. These honestly taste out of this world (in particular the hot chocolate) - and revisiting this post has reminded me that I need to make these again!

4. NWMeet Experience
Another event post was popular, this time a general one about the experience as a whole, which was a overwhelmingly positive one. I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to meeting new people and going to events without anyone familiar by my side, but I had the best time and made friends with the loveliest people. I'm glad I built up the nerve to go to NWMeet as it has majorly shaped my outlook as a blogger - thanks to Katy and Sam for organising!

3. VS Perfume Crayons Review
This is SUCH a random post to come in third - basically a review of some Victoria's Secret perfume sticks that I bought in Duty Free this Summer and absolutely loved. Despite the expensive prices for VS fragrance (although the crayons were quite cheap), I do genuinely think that they're worth it, since they smell so good.

2. Badlands by Halsey
I'm relieved that my first music review went down well! I was nervous to publish this one, but luckily feedback was great, and I feel encouraged that if I ever find an album that I fall in love with as much as this one, I can take to the interwebs to gush over it again.

1. Blogs to Watch Out For 
Who doesn't love a little bit of blog lovin' (pardon the accidental bloglovin' pun)? I wasn't surprised to see that this was my most popular post, since this is one of my favourite types to read - I love to see bloggers bringing each other up and spreading the compliments all over the show! I'm thinking about doing another one of these soon, and featuring five more blogs that I've been reading a lot.

Such a mixed bag of posts - do you ever look at your most popular posts, and if so, do they shock you?
Cheers to another year of blogging, and may it forever continue!

Em xo


  1. I've read quite a few of these ones and they're all amazing. Keep up the good writing, I love your blog!
    Charlotte //

    1. Thankyou so much Charlotte, your support means the world to me!
      Em xo


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