Sunday 17 January 2016

9 Reasons Why You Should Just Be Yourself

I've been seeing a lot of tips, articles, and youtube videos lately based on becoming someone else - the "how to become Kylie Jenner in two weeks" type of videos. Seen them? Hate them? Me too. We should be spending our time celebrating individuality and embracing differences, instead of covering them up and copying someone else.
Most of the reasons on this list are so obvious, but if you're having one of those self-hater days when you just wish you could click your fingers and become someone else, this post is for you!
1. Most likely, the person you're idolising doesn't have a perfect life.
Especially if you've come across them through social media - when we pick and choose snapshots of our day to upload to the internet, we don't choose the lazy 'I just pigged out on a bucket load of fried rice' snapshots, we choose the pretty ones - its human nature. Never be jealous of a person, be jealous of their insta feed - don't confuse the two.
2. It's tiring!
I remember (everybody gather round, this is an exclusive) when I was fourteen, there was this girl in my year that pretty much every other girl wished that they could be. If she wore something new, all the girls would follow suit and it would soon become a trend. Let me tell you this from observation and experience - imitating someone's lifestyle in preference to your own? So darn tiring. When you're being true to who you are and wearing what you want to wear, its effortless, and that's so attractive in a personality!
3. It's not flattering to be a sheep.
Think of it this way. When it gets out that another blogger has completely copied a post idea or layout theme from another blogger, do they get any credit? Nope - it looks cheap and more often than not, it makes you look a bit fake. Being unique and following your own ambitions can never look cheap, because originality is priceless (shall I start writing cheesy greetings cards yet?)
4. It can mess with relationships.
If you can't be honest with yourself about who you are, then you sure as well can't be honest with anyone else in your life. If you're constantly switching beliefs and ideas, it can be confusing for those around you, and you may put across an untrue version of yourself that doesn't appeal to others and lose out on some of the best relationships of your life. If they don't love you for you, then they aren't worth having!
5. Feeling comfortable in your own skin makes you glow.
I love seeing people happy with who they are! It gives you a new air of confidence and looks (to me anyway), kind of like that scene in a movie where the protagonist is skipping down the street to a feel good tune, oblivious to any haters and completely in a bubble of self appreciation.
6. Loving yourself does NOT make you cocky.
Kind of linking to point number five, I want to point out that accepting yourself does not come across as arrogant or negative. There's a difference between feeling happy in your own skin, and thinking that you're the kind of person everyone else should aspire to be like. Cockiness and confidence are so different its unbelievable. I think people have got it into their head that they should be the kind of person that is described as 'the one who doesn't know how amazing and beautiful she/he is'. You know what? Screw that. You SHOULD know how amazing you are!
*I feel like such a sassy motivator right now, this post is spiralling into ramblings and a feel good factor. I guess it could be worse.*
7. Once you start, everything begins to fall into place.
Often, I think people begin to copy as a bit of a last chance resort, because it doesn't seem to be working out the way it is. The truth though, as I've found it, is that unless you're in an acting profession (obvs), the moment you stick to your guts, stop trying to act like someone else, and put a foot down towards embracing originality, all the other factors start falling into place. A little bit of self love can steer you in the right direction relationships-wise, in your profession, and most importantly, your happiness!
8. You can take inspiration without straying from your roots.
We all take inspiration now and again, whether its in the form of a new blogging angle, a new product, or a new hairstyle. Role models are meant to inspire and shape people in a positive way, and taking elements from others to incorporate into your own life isn't a bad thing - you can stay true to yourself whilst taking tips and tricks to improve areas of your life; it isn't an all or nothing job.
9. Why the heck not?!
You're too good to cast yourself aside, so take life by the hands and swing your life back into the "I am invincible" department. There's no point trying to imitate another life, when you already have one perfectly set out in front of you.
I hope this gave you a virtual sista high five and made you motivated to start tomorrow with a fresh mind set. I hate thinking negatively about myself, but it happens to us all, and sometimes we just need a blog post to remind us how incredible we are.
Have a brilliant day!


  1. I love this post so much - you've made me feel ready to tackle the world and skip down the street haha! I completely agree that it's just a waste of time to pretend to be someone that you're not and that people who are just true to themselves are so much more attractive due to their self-confidence and acceptance! :)

    Zoe xx

    1. Aw that's great - I'm so glad! I agree, being yourself is just a lot of fun!
      Em xo


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