Sunday 31 January 2016

Pamper Products I Love

Originally when I planned this post, it was going to be a chill-out routine. But I anticipated that my post would just turn out pretty much the same as a lot of other bloggers that have posted this before - I couldn't think of anything new to add to it that hadn't already been done! (Don't get me wrong, I love reading those posts, but I didn't want to be a copycat *Meow*) Instead of that, I still fancied the idea of a pamper-related post, so I decided to show you my favourite products that add a little bit of luxury to the evening, and look extremely beautiful on photographs.
P.S. How amazing does Emilia Clarke look on this edition of Vogue?! A complexion like that please and thank you.

The best part of a chill out day for me is the chance to pamper my skin and make it feel a little bit happier than usual. I tend to wear no make-up on lazy days; and I don't just mean I wear less makeup, I literally wander around the place with sparse eyebrows and crazy under-eyes on show (but these bags are Prada so its all fine.)
To treat my skin to something different, I will always turn to the face mask. I went through a craze of picking up the cheap supermarket ones in chocolate flavours, but I realised that they don't seem to do anything positive, so I've been using this ARK 'Age Prepare' Skin purifying mask. It's light and colourless, but it does the trick of making my face feel ultra smooth and soft.
Have you ever wondered why there is a serious lack of nail photos on my blog? *Whispers* it's because my nails and nail beds are absolutely atrocious. I'm a nail biter. There, I said it. It started out as an anxious habit, and now that I don't get as anxious, its stuck with me and I can't seem to escape it. Alas, I have to settle (for now - I will get my act together and grow my fingernails), I stick to painting my toenails and at the moment I'm loving extremely neutral colours. The two absolute faves I've picked out to tell you guys about are 'Honey Hush', a gorgeous beige from Smith & Cult, and Grey Dawn, a brown grey colour from Liz Earle that I have on right now and L.O.V.E. Never trust anyone who says that a brown or grey nail polish is boring.

My last two products are for getting your body in tip-top shape by scrubbing and moisturising it. I never have time to do either of these things, so when I come across a day when I don't have to rush around everywhere and can sit still for more than ten minutes, I reach for my Cowshed 'Gorgeous Cow' Blissful Shower Scrub. My Grandma got all the girls in my family these as a Christmas dinner table-present, and it honestly made me giggle so much that my little sister got 'Wild Cow' compared to mine. This scrub smells amazing!
Obviously I had to include Soap&Glory somewhere in this post, since they are the Queens of pampering - the Righteous Butter is the nicest body butter out there in my opinion, and I've trialled a LOT over the years. Its so fresh and has a lovely consistency, and doesn't make you feel oily or sticky after using it, which is one of my pet hates with body butters.
What do you use when you're have a pamper day?



  1. I love it! I've been wanting to try some of these brands out for a while now!

    Check my blog out!

    1. Thanks Abi - go for it and try some!
      Em xo

  2. A pamper post isn't complete with S&G product haha. I love the shades of those nail polishes! xx

    1. So true - they're the queens of pamper!
      Em xo


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