Sunday 29 May 2016

May Update

We'll just gloss over the fact that May is practically over. I haven't done a chatty post in absolutely ages, and I thought one was needed so I can explain all that is going on and why it might effect my blog.
May and June are always the busiest months, but this year I'm taking my A2 exams to get into university, so any procrastinating and blogging comes at a higher price. The grades for Leeds are (to me) quite high, so I've been working extra hard all year and I don't want to let it slip now. For that reason, I think for the next month I'll move down to one post a week, on a Wednesday with a bonus post if that's possible. Blogging is my escape, but I don't want to see it becoming my life ring if I fail my exams! I don't want to post mediocre content for the sake of posting; I was ridiculously proud of last weeks MAC lipstick collection, but that took me over three hours and I don't have six hours a week at the moment to dedicate to my camera. For anyone else taking A Levels, I'm chucking a ton of good luck your way. I'm hoping I might be able to resume some sort of life after these exams are done.
Two days ago I 'officially' left sixth form, and its nostalgic and sad, but for the most part, I'm just excited for the experiences ahead. We went to a lovely restaurant in Liverpool and then out for drinks, cocktails and a night out (although we had the sad experience of ordering pizza to our hotel room and it never showing up - just think about that situation for a second, RIP pizza). I thought I'd post a few pictures from the night, since for all intents and purposes it was our version of a 'prom', so everyone got dressed up to the nines. If anyone was wondering, my black jumpsuit is from River Island, and my heels and clutch are from good ol' New Look.

In 11 days its also my first Anniversary with Harry, which is crazy - I would say its been a struggle, but its been as easy as breathing. Don't worry, I won't do a soppy blog post about it (although there may have to be a soppy instagram #noregrets). It's nice to know that I have someone always supporting me, even when I'm not my own biggest cheerleader.
What's been going on in your life?
P.S. Does anyone object to two hauls in the next few weeks? I ran a poll and it seems like people wanted to see all the Summer clothes I've been buying - but I've also bought a TON of drugstore make up recently. Let me know!

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  1. Good luck with your exams - put as much effort as you can into them and you won't go far wrong. I didn't even have a blog when I did my A Levels and I still found it hard to make time for everything I needed to revise for. See you on the other side :)
    Rebecca | Notes From September


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