Wednesday 24 August 2016

A Killer Contour Duo

When it comes to make-up buying habits, I tend to pick an item that I'm obsessed with and buy a million different versions of it, until I finally accept that I have enough and move on to the next category to binge buy. Lately, my crazy habits have leaned towards the contour side of the spectrum; as a pale girl, its hella difficult to find a bronzer or contour kit that works with the skintone (too warm and you look orange, too cool and you look a bit grey and under the weather.) So, with that in mind I thought I'd introduce you to an affordable contour duo that at the moment is right up there for me with the bigguns that I've had in my collection for years.
It's no secret on this blog that when it comes to buying make up brushes, I'm a bit of a beauty blogging failure. It isn't often I'd go down the practical route and pick up a brush that I actually need, when I could pick up yet another variation of a nude lipstick. Hey ho, we all have our faults. I was however, extremely excited to pick up a Morphe brush, since I've heard great things and watched endless Youtube videos to find the exact brush that I was looking for (believe me, there are zillions of brushes made by this brand.) If there was a particular brush I was definitely lacking it was a contour brush, meaning that up until two weeks ago I didn't own one.
The Morphe 438 from Beauty Bay is such gorgeous quality, and I literally look forward to using it every morning. It's a pointed contour brush, meaning that for the first application of a bronzer, its very easy to get a detailed application that you can then blend out. The bristles don't fall out and the brush stays in shape and is so flipping soft. For £7.95 its actually a pretty affordable addition to a minimal brush collection; I know that I'll definitely be looking on BB again soon to find another brush to add from this range.

As for the actual bronzing product, I was completely blown away by the 'Bronze and Sculpt' Contour Kit from MUA Luxe - they are absolutely slaying it with their luxurious range at the moment, that packaging is unbelievably high-end looking! The product is basically a bronze, highlight and mirror kit all in one. The bronzer is slightly on the warm side but doesn't have that orange tint which so often makes an appearance with cheaper bronzing products, and looks beautiful paired with the highlight shade (or the Mary-Lou Manizer I've been finding.) For only £5 I had to try it, and I've not been disappointed at all. Some drugstore bronzers I've tried can have very little colour payoff, but you really only have to use a little with this product to go a long way, and the mirror is fab. I would pay £5 just for the mirror alone; its perfect for your handbag and the kit would be a good choice for a travel make up bag.
I'm so impressed by MUA, a brand that I haven't tried much of but seem to create products of a high quality for a majorly reduced price. I do remember writing once that I was a strictly high end bronzer girl, but I have to hold my hand up and take it all back. The bronzer applies beautifully with the Morphe brush, meaning that these products combine to make a killer contour duo (hence the title of this post, don't you just love it when a plan comes together?) I wouldn't quite yet sign my NARS Laguna off, but for a handful of loose change in exchange for a product like this, you certainly can't go wrong.
Have you ever tried either of these products or brands?



  1. I have that brush too and I love it, it's so handy for contouring and it's so cheap too xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. The Morphe brush looks lovely!! Definitely want to get a few Morphe brushes soon :)
    Kathy x


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