Wednesday 31 August 2016

Why Bourjois Is My Favourite Drugstore Brand

When I go to Boots to pick up a few beauty treats, I always find myself wandering over to the Bourjois stand. As a 14 year old discovering make up for the first time, I used to gravitate to Maybelline or Rimmel, and on the odd occasion I still do, but four years later and I find that the brand that provides the most luxurious packaging and quality will forever be Bourjois. I managed to pick up some things about three weeks ago that have been on my wish list since I don't know when (the cult favourites always seem to be out of stock in my shade), and it didn't surprise me when they all lived far beyond my expectations.
The thing about Bourjois that constantly draws me in is the chic packaging; none of those whacky neon colours, just soft and classy products that are perfect for a girls girl like me. One item that I've had my eye on for months is the Radiance Reveal Concealer in the shade 'Ivory', because if I'm a magpie for sparkly packaging, I'm also one for some frosted glass. This concealer looks like it's just been dolled up by Cinderella's fairy godmother, and I for one was totally bought by the outside. The inside however, is just as brilliant. The shade is exactly the right amount of pale for me; often the UK version of a pale concealer shade is a slightly lighter shade of orange, but this one is stunning and brightens up my face just like it says on the tin. I've been using this every day and I can already see the difference in my skin when I look at photos that I'm in, and I can't wait to continue using this product for years to come. Holy flipping grail.

If you've ever read this blog before, you'll know that I would never pass up the opportunity to try a Bourjois mascara (Push Up Glamour you fallen angel). The Volume Reveal mascara doesn't have as sturdy of a wand as my other beloved Bourjois mascara, but it does pack on the volume, and the mirrored packaging makes it so easy to take travelling. I think the mascaras are so underrated when compared to other brands such as Maybelline, but if I had to choose one drugstore brand to cover this base, it would definitely be Bourjois.
Okay, I have to mention the smell of the products. Did you ever imagine that a concealer could smell good? Because it can. My particular favourite at the moment is the Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder, which smells so sweet and delicate that I literally sigh every time I bring it out of my make up drawer. Its a nosegasm, it really is. I've been using this one a lot lately too, mixed with my MAC Harmony blush to create my favourite contour shade. I haven't heard much talk about this bronzer, because its usually all about the Chocolate Bronze, but I much prefer this addition to the collection (less orange if you ask me.) You know a brand is doing well when it makes not only my favourite drugstore mascara and concealer, but also my favourite bronzer as well. Don't get me wrong, the brand has products that don't work for me, but I could easily buy most of my everyday make up routine from Bourjois.
I'm the first one to point out that yes, Emily, you are extremely late on the Rouge Edition Velvet bandwagon. I've wanted to try this product for a good year now, but constantly chickened out due to the £9 price tag, so treated myself on results day to the shade 08, which is a gorgeous deep red matte lip that I've worn on two nights out and so far, so good. I like that this is a comfortable liquid lip, compared to other ones I've tried, although it does need to be reapplied after eating. I can't say these liquid lipsticks are up to scratch with some of my favourite high end versions, but they are 100% the best I've bought from high street brands, and the colour range has such a lovely spectrum.
As you can see from these mini reviews, I think of Bourjois quite highly, and constantly peer into the stand at Boots to see if there's anything new to pick up. 10/10 for packaging and scent over the Bourjois collection, which, aside from the quality of the products themselves (which is also top notch the majority of the time), are the two most important aspects. In a post over the next month I will be mentioning a product that didn't go quite as well for me in terms of working well with my skin type, but I'll forgive the brand that minor hiccup and still crown it the 'Best in Boots' award (or Superdrug, whatever floats your boat.)
Which drugstore brand do you gravitate to?



  1. I rarely ever buy from Bourjois but these products sound great, the bronzer looks so nice!!
    Kathy x

  2. I too am a massive fan of Bourjois products - always something new to try. The liquid lipsticks are always amazing. I have several shades and I have replaced a few of them because I have used them up. Such a great product. Thank you for sharing this with us.



  3. Really want to try the Rouge Velvet matte lip as it just sounds so good and I've heard lots of good things about it too! :)

    xx SofiaaDot


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