Tuesday 27 December 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

I hope you had the loveliest Christmas with all of your families and friends!
Obviously the gift side of things is not the most important (insert the cliché disclaimer here), but as Bloggers I'm sure we're all just as nosy as each other, and I love reading what Santa brought for everyone else, so I thought I'd pick a few of my favourite gifts to show you all since it went down so well last year.
One of my main presents from my parents was a gorgeous Pandora ring in a pretty diamante ribbon design. I absolutely love Pandora rings - to receive this under the tree was a dream come true. Another surprise that I had no idea about was a Charlotte Tilbury palette; I've never owned anything from the brand and my Mum picked out the 'Instant Look in a Palette', which has a little bit of everything. I won't go into too much detail, as this beauty deserves a separate review on the blog which I'll get to ASAP.
I got quite a few lip products this year, which is right up my street (you only have to read my blog for two minutes to agree with that!) The TooFaced Melted Lipstick in 'Chihuahua' has been on my wishlist for the longest time to add to my evergrowing collection, and ever since trying 'Snapdragon' by Jouer I've had my eye on 'Citronade Rose', a beautiful metallic ballet pink. My Aunty bought me and my Sister some Victoria's Secret lip products, which I'm excited to use as I've never had any make up from there either. Tis the season for new brands!
Other beauty bits included a festive set of EOS lip balms, a product that I've adored for years, and a PINK body spray that I can't wait to spray all over myself. I was so lucky this year because my Dad knew how much I wanted the famous Alex 9 drawer set from Ikea, and surprised me with it on Christmas Eve. I cannot tell you how much it thrills me to finally have proper organisation for my make up; its the drawer set of dreams let me tell you.
My Mum confessed that she actually found my blog twitter account in October and has been using my tweets to pick out gifts for months. I was over the moon to receive a leopard print scarf that I'd seen in Urban Outfitters, and a blue velvet bag that I'd seen with her in Pull and Bear and thought was an almost identical match for a Chanel bag that I'd loved. I am so thankful for such thoughtful gifts - aren't Mums just the loveliest? 

I'd love for you to comment your favourite gift this year, or link me your blog posts! Here's to the post-Christmas slump, with a box of chocolates attached permanently to your lap for at least a week and a continuous flow of festive drinks.


  1. So adorable that you mum used your tweets to find the perfect gifts for you! <3

  2. Lovely christmas presents! the Jouer lip product is a stunning shade.. your mum is so cute for using your tweets to surprise you



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