Thursday 26 January 2017

13 Happy Little Things So Far in 2017

Isn't it a wonderful feeling for a year to start off right? I've been making a conscious effort to appreciate the little things in life a lot more this year, and as a result all the pieces of my life are just looking a lot shinier. Positivity is such a huge part of my character and it always has been; towards the end of 2016 I almost lost that a little bit, so here's to a fresh year and making long lists of happy moments. Who doesn't love lists like that, right?
1. Beach walks. It's not until I moved away from the seaside that I realised how much I love traipsing through the sand-dunes and scanning the sand looking for the cutest shells. Having an extra week at home meant I went on a few extra beach walks, and that brightened my mood endlessly.
2. I finally got a tattoo. This is something I've wanted to do since I was fifteen, and I just feel happier knowing that its there. I might do a full post on this in the future; who knows!
3. My leopard print coat. I honestly feel 10x sassier when I wear that coat of dreams. Miss Selfridge, you the one.
4. The TooFaced Sweet Peach Lip Oils. Okay but what if you could find a non-sticky, moisturising, pigmented lip gloss that was scented like peaches? I know, I know. Perfection.
5. Curly hair. I've been straightening my hair consistently for so long now that I kind of forgot how much I liked my crazy natural hair. You could probably compare it to a yeti, but its mine and I'm kind of digging it right now (did I just say 'digging it'? Yes, yes I did.)
6. The Spotify Throwback Playlists. Nothing beats a jam session to old school Rihanna and the typical year 6 disco classics.
7. My flatmates and I found a house for next year! If I could move into my cute little room now, I so would. Plenty of light for blog photos; Hallelujah.
8. 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough. A good book leads to a good life, am I right? This is a mystery/thriller type shindig, and its so darn captivating. You won't be able to put it down (although the plotline probably doesn't quite fit into the 'happy' category.)
9. Instagram. I've started to put so much effort into posting more on my blog instagram (@asmalldistraction), and I can already see the difference its making to my engagement and my follower count. Plus, a lovely looking feed of make up photos can never be a bad thing for your mood.
10. The Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. I think I need this in an IV drip; so freaking good.
11. I joined the University Newspaper. Considering my obsession with writing anything and everything, this seemed like a pretty sound idea. Getting involved with more societies was one of my resolutions for this year - you could say I'm a little bit happy to be taking a step in that direction.
12. The Alex Nine Drawers. Enough said? If there's anything better than a pretty make up collection, its a pretty set of drawers to store it all in. I'm 100% sure that filling a new set of make up drawers should be classed as a natural high.
13. Saying yes. As someone who lives in a constant state of worrying about something, its well within my nature to say no to opportunities and spontaneity purely because I can't predict the outcome. I've been saying yes to a lot more this year so far, and its turning out to be the fast track method to becoming a happy little bunny.
What happy things has 2017 brought you so far?


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  1. I LOVE the White Choc Mocha. I really like it blended too since I'm not really a fan of hot drinks
    Kathy x


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