Sunday 29 January 2017

Products on Trial #2

I think I'm going to have to start doing these trial posts way more often, considering that the rate with which I'm trying new things is consistently increasing (honestly, someone needs to organise a makeup intervention for me.) Washing my face, sitting down in front of my make up mirror with my speakers on and just setting myself up for a face full of first impressions is up there with my ultimate favourite past times. The only thing slightly more exciting than that is setting them up for a pretty photo and review over on this little thing I like to call my own.
The first item that I've tried over the past few weeks is the Charlotte Tilbury 'Legendary Lashes Mascara', which totally wins on the mascara packaging front. I like the wand on this, its nice and chunky to give volume, and even though the mascara is a mini version, I feel like you get the effect that you would with the full size (some mini versions just aren't as good as the real thing for some reason.) Aside from adoring the volume I get with this and that the shade is black as black can be, I'm a disappointed with how this smudges a tiny bit around my eyes; not something I would usually expect from a luxury mascara. It's nothing major, just something to bear in mind.

Ever since purchasing Woodwinked by MAC and falling completely in love with the formula and pigmentation, I've wanted to trial another shade. Mythology is a gorgeous deep rose shimmer that works as an 'all over the lid' shade, and I'm definitely glad that I went out and bought it. With most of my single shadows I tend to buy them in the pan so that I can transfer them to my custom palette, but I love the MAC shadow packaging so much that I can't resist buying them in the usual form. This will be one of my go-to shades in Spring, I just know it.
Luminoso by Milani is a cult favourite blush that I've been desperate to try out for quite some time, and I wasn't disappointed because boy that product gives some pigment (but not like the stodgy pigmented blushes that leave an unblendable heap of product on your cheeks.) The consistency of the powder is quite light so settles easily, and the peach toned colour is so adorable, especially on paler skin like mine. I have to say that the packaging is a bit more bulky than I would like, and the brush included is below that standard of a usual blush brush, but the actual product is a right old gem, and the mirror is divine. I got this from Beauty Bay when it was on sale, so for the price I paid for it, Luminoso has proved its worth.

Finally, the Morphe MB23 crease blending brush is not a brush that I can imagine living without. I have other blending brushes in my collection, but this is so soft and sturdy that it does the job perfectly. I am consistently impressed with Morphe brushes; I don't think that for the price you can beat the quality! This brush paired with MUG shadows is a dream come true.


  1. I've come to love/hate the Legendary Lashes mascara, it's one of the best I've tried in terms of lengthening and volumising but the little smudges it gives me bothers me so much! It's so close to perfect though...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. Milani has the best blushes, I have two and both of them are really great. x


  3. I lOVE mythology, it's one of my favourites. Have you tried Expensive Pink? I reckon you'd like it! xx


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