Sunday 25 June 2017

The 'Fit Me' Translucent Powder

If I haven't mentioned before how I'm kinda in a love affair with the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, then the secrets out now. I'm not sure I'll ever become as emotionally attached to a man as I am to that product. Like, dang, I'm pretty sure you could party all night, get one hour of sleep, and the concealer would still manage to cover the dark circles. Boom.
So naturally, when I was browsing Amazon after repurchasing the concealer (you really do have to go to those lengths to get the pale shades, which are ALWAYS out of stock in Boots) and saw that there is a translucent 'Fit Me' powder, I had to have it. Literally had to have. To make everything even more exciting, it was advertised as a powder to make your skin look 'matte and poreless'. Squeeeee. And like the face product maniac I have become lately, I got on that Amazon Prime train and boarded the land to Maybelline Fit Me. I was not disappointed.
When it comes to powders, I'm pretty picky. Obviously, the risk that you take with a white translucent powder is white-cast, and I'm glad to announce that thankfully, you don't get any of that with this product. I'm going through a phase at the moment, whilst I nurse my dry skin back to health, of not using foundation, and when you layer the powder over only the concealer you can hardly tell that I've skipped that step. Being the sceptic that I am, I didn't think that the powder would deliver when it came to making your skin look 'poreless', but it does indeed. This is definitely up there with my Soap&Glory face powder, which isn't a title given lightly. In terms of matte-ness (is that even a word?), despite the fact that you need a top up a few hours after application, its a good egg. A really good egg. For £5.99, I can't believe the quality.

The only downside to this glorious purchase, is that I've noticed that it can slightly lighten some foundations that I do wear (on the few occasions that I've paired it with them). It seems different to white-cast, because it doesn't make your skin look white, it just alters one or two of my other skin products. And it isn't drastic. In my case, that's a bonus, considering I don't imagine I'll ever find a light enough shade, but for some of you I know that that might be an issue. So be wary, and not too heavy handed.
The product comes in a cute little compact, and although I don't think I'll ever use the sponge that's included, it would be a good way for someone to apply the powder if they're just building up a make up collection. I definitely relied on sponges like that before I got into make up brushes, and they worked well for me! Last but not least...that mirror is 10/10. I used it to touch up my face on a train the other day, and it worked a dream. Gotta love a handy mirror. 

Have you ever tried the 'Fit Me' collection?


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  1. I really like the Matte and Poreless powder but haven't seen a translucent one yet!
    Kathy x


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