Wednesday 28 June 2017


Oh June, you've been good to me.
You followed me home to the beach and watched my hair get tangled in the sea breeze and the tip of my nose get dipped in ice cream.

You've seen me start to build up a healthy relationship with exercise again, a major step forward that I've been hesitant to take. The cross trainer has been a demon of mine for a long time now.
You saw a favourite night with one of my best friends, and then the ugly hangover the next morning. (Life hack: don't go to a restaurant and order chocolate treats when you're hanging. It's not a good idea.)
You've sat with me and watched a lot of Sam Claflin movies, because why not? 
You waited patiently for me whilst I contemplated a four month summer, simultaneously delirious with excitement and rigid with fear for the long stretch of time. I thought for a while that I didn't like spending time on my own, and I tried to constantly fill empty spaces with people. June, you taught me I was wrong. I kinda love my own company.
You cheered me on as I picked up my work in progress and drove the process of writing my novel full speed ahead. Summer is a beautiful opportunity to dream, and I now get separation anxiety every time I leave my story for more than 24 hours.
You sat and waited whilst I had a minor freak out over all the things I want to achieve in these next few chapters of the year. And then smiled as I picked myself up and made a to-do list, because we all know that they solve everything.
You also witnessed a blogging identity crisis. Guys, you might notice a few new tabs at the top of my website - this space is now a pretty little mish-mash of topics. I couldn't love it more.
You've lazed on the grass with me as I embarked on a reading marathon to make up for all the time not spent with my nose in a book at university. Who knew we could get through so many stories?
Last night you probably laughed as I attempted my first professional cocktail in a bar; never underestimate the work behind a porn star martini.  
Finally, you've watched me find another little part of myself. I feel like I say this every month, but this month has been a learning curve. I'm so happy to be on the right track.
Goodbye June, I liked you.
I liked you a lot.


  1. PORNSTAR MARTINIS ARE LIFE! Lovely post, sounds like a wonderful month.

    Jaynie Shannon | Beauty & Lifestyle


  2. I love how you've written this, it's so unique and personal! Also totally love the new tabs!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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