Wednesday 11 November 2015

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams First Impressions

Hi guys - I'm so happy that I managed to find a gap in the horrendous weather long enough to take some photos!
Last week I used my Boots points to delve into a makeup brand that I've been lusting after for quite some time - NYX. The products are so reasonably priced and from what I've tried so far, are amazing quality as well. Today I thought I'd review the Soft Matte Lip Creams; liquid lipsticks which dry matte and have an incredible staying power.

When I went online all of the shades were in stock so I was absolutely spoilt for choice - I love my nudes so I picked two of those, and then a brighter one as well because why the heck not. The first shade from the left is 'London' - a brown nude which honestly, is so beautiful it hurts me a little. It feels so lovely on the lips and I think this is my favourite shade (it reminds me a bit of MAC spirit, which if you know me you know that it is my holy grail lip product).

The second, pink plum colour is called 'Prague' - and looks a lot like it does in the packaging. In fact the colour on the tube is a good reference for what it will look like when you wear it, which can't be said for a lot of lippies. This shade is extremely pigmented and you only need one coat to pack on the colour - its bright but it isn't too 'fuchsia', a colour that personally I can't stand on lips. This is bold but wearable, and honestly is perfect for Autumn with the transition into plum colours.

My last purchase was 'Athens' (how adorable are the names oh my goodness) - I'm not great at descriptions but I would say that when put straight on the lips its a coral nude. I'm not a huge fan of coral, but I've discovered that if you stick a bit of Chapstick on before applying Athens it becomes a gorgeous pink and brown nude; right up my street! I'm so happy with the shades that I picked, but I've got my eye on 'Abu Dhabi', a deeper brown nude compared to London, and 'Stockholm', another pinky nude. Can you tell what colour category is my favourite at the moment by any chance?

One thing I adore about these products is the applicator - but seriously help I cannot describe it (why do I even attempt beauty posts I'm so basic). After doing a bit of speedy research, I can now confirm that this is a Doe Foot applicator, and although I'm not sure what it means I can tell you that it is incredibly easy to apply. At £5.50 per lippie, this is such a quality product for what you get, and I can't recommend it highly enough. The smell also reminds me of cake batter, so its a win-win all round! The ONLY downside is that it can be quite drying for your lips - but I've found that lip balm underneath solves that issue without a problem. NYX, you have my attention, and I am ready to empty my bank balance for you. 

From left; London, Prague, Athens

Have you ever tried any products from NYX?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo


  1. these look so lovely:-) i really want to try somethings from NYX!:-)xx

  2. Fab photos! I really want to try these, they look so pigmented! X

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