Thursday 28 April 2016

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

Happy Thursday you lovely bunch!
I feel like there's a lot of pressure these days to act like a 'typical beauty blogger' (flawlessly white house, skincare routine to kill etc) and honestly, for some of us (probably pretty much all of us), that just ain't practical. We all have our secret beauty blogger confessions to tell, and here are ten of mine.
1. Sometimes I use Tesco Value make up wipes to take off my makeup
And by sometimes I mean a hell of a lot. They're cheap and convenient, and they're what my Mum stocks the cupboard up with. I do moisturize and cleanse, but for the initial take off of makeup, Tesco Value all the way sistas.
2. Edit-wise, I have no clue what I'm doing
I see tweets like 'oh my gosh editing the photos for my new post took two hours' and it honestly baffles me. I need a photography course I think, because I literally brighten, warm up and sharpen a photo and I'm good to go. Someone help me improve, because when it only takes five minutes you know you must be doing something wrong.
3. Until about two weeks ago, I didn't own any proper brushes 
I know some people thrive on buying brushes, but for me it's a chore. I don't like spending money on 1) Repurchasing items I already have and 2) Buying the tools I need to do my make up. I love buying new make up, but to me brushes are a bit boring, and I'd been using an old No7 set for a couple of years (with one huge powder brush for powder, contour and highlight - eek!) 
4. Sometimes I'll buy products just to look good in a photo
We've all done it I'm sure - these days, the aesthetic is one of the most important aspects of a product out there. That's actually why I avoided the MaryLou Manizer for so long; the packaging is not up my alley (but the product is incredible, so I definitely should have paid less attention to the way it looked.) 
5. I'm a nail biter
Falsies all the way because I'm a nail bite addict and no matter how hard I try, this habit just isn't going away. Forget fancy nail art for my instagram; you're much more likely to see a photo of a bottle of Stop&Grow.
6. I'm equal parts a lover of make up and a lover of a bare face
Sometimes you just gotta let your skin breathe, you know? I hate the feeling of cakey makeup, so always tend to go for something light, especially since my skin has evened out and I don't feel the need to pump out more foundation than an oompa loompa would wear.
7. I base a lot of activities on when I last washed my hair
For example, today couldn't be a work out day as it's only day 1 of hair - day 2 is where exercise becomes fair game. This can't be just me - freshly washed hair is sacred!
8. Visiting make up counters causes an irrational fear in me
Is he judging all the shades I'm picking up? If I get my phone out of my pocket will he think I'm taking a product and putting it in my pocket? The over-helpfulness stresses me out, and I literally had to call my Mum the other day to help me shop in Debenhams, because God knows that on my own I feel like I've outstayed my welcome at the TooFaced counter after about thirty seconds.
9. Fake tan baffles me more than you will ever know
I'm just going to take this opportunity to voice some of my dilemmas; if you have any tips, please share, as I do actually want to be a bronzed goddess. 1) Do you apply it to your face? 2) If you are too scared to instantly tan your face and you use a gradual tan on your face whilst using an instant tan on your body, will that even work? 3) If you aren't tanning your face, where on earth do you tan up to?
10. I can be a bit snobby about make up
It's something that I need to work on, since I know that drugstore products can be just as good, if not better than high end. It just feels so satisfying to pick up a lovely, coveted product from a make up counter - am I completely on my own here?
What confessions do you have as a beauty blogger, and do any of these match with yours?
Thankyou for reading!

Sunday 24 April 2016

Blogging Goals 2016 (April Review)


Hi Guys!
I thought I would do a goal review, since we're pretty much a third of the way through the year (I know, what the heck) and I do generally feel like I've made a lot of progress with my blog in the past few months. I've invested more time in making my content appealing and true to myself, and tried a lot to improve the quality of my photographs. There were some specific goals I made in January, so I wanted to review how I am getting on.

1. Buy a domain name
I can't believe I actually have my own domain now; its improved my blogging confidence a ton! My friend kindly bought my first year of domain for me for my eighteenth and it was honestly one of the most thoughtful gifts I received (Thanks Phil!) Completed.

2. Reach 500 followers on Bloglovin'
I knew this would be tough when I set the goal, but I'm growing my audience at a rate that I'm pleased with. At the end of January I had 274 followers, and since then its grown to 339, a figure that I'm proud of. I appreciate every follow I get, and do a happy dance every time. If you want to help me out with this goal, click here and follow! Work in Progress.

3. Take part in at least two twitter chats every week
For the most part, I do feel like I've been achieving this (aside from this week, its been so hectic with college work). One thing I do need to do is be more active on social media, which is something I struggle to have time to do, but for now I'm satisfied to be taking part in more chats. Completed.

4. Keep up my post routine
I'm so proud of this one - posting twice a week on top of a job and college work is crazy difficult. People that post every day deserve multiple awards; I don't know how you do it! Up until now its been relatively plain sailing, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to hold this schedule right through my exams. Fingers crossed! Complete (for now).

5. Attend another event
So far this one hasn't been completed, but I'm going to #NWMeet next weekend and then in May I'm headed to the Liverpool Bloggers Ball, which sounds so intriguing. I'm nervous to meet new people, but know that since I've already done it once, I can do it again. Bring it on - I'm so excited! Almost complete.

6. Begin to research monetising possibilities
I won't even pretend that I've started trying to do this; it seems big and scary and I just keep putting it off. Maybe in the Summer I'll eventually tackle this one. Not complete.

7. Use Tweetdeck more
Eugh, I hate tweetdeck. It doesn't work for me and always glitches, so I've moved over the Buffer where I do schedule a good few tweets now and then. This goal is a weird one - how do you know if you've completed something like this? The fact that I even schedule a tiny bit is an improvement though, so I think a little pat on the back is in order. Kind of complete? IDK.

8. Don't beat myself up if things don't go to plan
I 100% still need to work on this. I'm such a perfectionist, and I think I push myself too hard sometimes to get content out so I don't feel like I've let people down. It's hard not to put blame on yourself when things don't go the way you want, but I'll keep working on it. Need to work on it.

9. Find more interesting backgrounds for OOTDs
This one is difficult to analyse since I haven't been doing fashion posts lately; I've got a bug for beauty blogging, and I think I'll stick with that for quite some time. It isn't true to say I haven't completed this, because its (for now) no longer relevant. I have however, found more varied backgrounds for my photos and flat lays in general, so I'll check this one off on my list because I've been pushing myself to improve backgrounds, regardless of whether they are for fashion posts or not. Complete.

10. Keep organised.
Okay confession. I haven't been using my Bloggers Planner as much as I should. I've loved used my whiteboard and markers to organise myself these past few months though, and it's been working out well for organisation and time management. I do want to get back into using my planner, so lets call this one a work in progress.

Overall, I'm happy with my progress this year so far, and it's lovely to be so dedicated to something that isn't my schoolwork. How are your goals for the year going?


Wednesday 20 April 2016

April Obsessions

Lately, I've been mixing it up a lot with my make up, skin and hair routine, because although I like to stick to what I know in pretty much all other areas of life, there's a constant stream of new beauty products, and a search for what my skin agrees with best. I also purchased a few make up items for my birthday, which has meant a new influx of products to try, which I'm sure you'll see up on the blog here in the next few weeks. These products have been essentials lately in my beauty routines, and I would 100% recommend them to you all.
Definitely my most exciting find this month has been the Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid moisturiser, which retails at about £5.99 (absolute steal!). In almost all situations my Mum knows best, and I always benefit from taking her advice. In the past few years though its more than often she who turns to me for beauty and make up advice (she's currently taking my brow masterclass - since I'm such an expert, not.) When I was at my wits end after the Bourjois Healthy Mix completely drying out my skin after about two weeks of use, I was desperate for any moisturiser recommendations, and this one that she gave me has completely done the job. It's light, perfect for normal to dry skin, and the only way I can properly describe it is that it literally feels like giving your skin a drink of water. I would swear by this stuff now, its even better than the Benefit facial cream I was trying before (although that on also puts up a good fight) and I even have Harry using this on the odd occasion because boys apparently don't see the value of a daily moisturise.
The second favourite of mine in the past month or so is the Real Techniques Highlight Brush, which is delicate enough for a sweep of sparkle across the cheekbones (how nice is the phrase 'sweep of sparkle' oh my gosh.) I'm going to be brutally truthful here when I tell you that before purchasing a couple of brushes last week, I'd been using a huge powder brush for all my contouring. Using this brush has changed the way I see highlight, and it's been lovely to apply the next product I've been loving, which is an absolute cult favourite in the blogger world. I'll be frank, I'm not the biggest fan of TheBalm packaging, I don't think its that pretty and it doesn't really fit in with my aesthetic fancies. BUT. When I swatched this in Debenhams I fell in love - this is a gorgeous golden champagne shade that is so highly pigmented and layerable that I can't get over it. It's been a product I've been debating over for a while, but I'm so glad I finally picked it up. What a winner. Let me know if you want me to post my highlighter collection - its been growing a lot recently and I'm so happy with the products I now own!

I discovered the Kiko Kiss Balms about a week ago, which I wrote about here as they are a perfect dupe, and although I love all the shades, I've been reaching for the coconut flavour the most because it just smells like sun cream and malibu and everything holiday-worthy.
For my party I decided to wear some false nails, since my actual nails are a shambles that won't be easily rectified (a habit is a habit and some things even Stop and Grow have no power against.) This French Manicure set from the Boots range set me back £5 and lasted for a whole week without issues, and I got a lot of comments about how nice and natural they looked, which is always a good thing to hear! I've also been loving the Primark nail range, which are as cheap as £1 and are so underrated since they have such long lasting and varied designs. I feel like in the past year I've truly embraced the 'fake' side of beauty (nails, tan, eyelashes), and event though I was sceptical I couldn't be happier. My nails may be fake but I'm real on the inside, and that counts for a lot - right?
Lastly, I've been treating my split ends to some TLC. I'm not prepared to put down my straighteners; having my hair straight rather than a frizzy mess not only improves my confidence but makes my hair a lot easier to handle. The downside of this routine is that the ends of my hair are quite dry and brittle, but this month I've used the Fudge Urban Miracle Ends hair serum that I apply before blow drying to condition and seal the ends of my hair. I'm sure that these kinds of products can only repair hair to an extent, but I've definitely noticed that my hair feels softer and easier to brush through. I've been using this brand for years - the dry shampoo and hairspray are essentials in my collection and they all smell absolutely fab.
Have you tried any of these products?

Sunday 17 April 2016

TooFaced Melted Lippies (with lip swatches)

Too Faced melted lipsticks are a product I have lusted after for the longest time. They're beautifully packaged (just go and stalk them on instagram, you'll fall in love), get great reviews, and have some gorgeous colours in the range - what's not to love? The only thing holding me back was the price, as £19 is a heck of a lot to pay for a lip product, but I've bitten the bullet and voila! A swatch and review post of the two shades I picked up.
The liquid lipstick range began with a set of standard colours in the collection, which widened to metallic shades, and then most recently, a collection of brown shades, the 'Chocolate' variety. I knew when I did my research that I had to try one of these shades, since brown nudes are what I'm all about (MAC Spirit ya feel me.) In the end after much debate, I went for Chocolate Honey, a lovely deep brown nude which is darker than a typical nude nude, but not deep enough to be considered a bold lip. The lighter shade called Chocolate 'Milkshake' was also right up my alley, but since I was paying a heck of a lot I decided to go for the more noticeable lip colour.
Let me start off by saying that this product literally smells like a bowl of chocolate ice cream. It's infused with cocoa powder to give that delightful scent, and even though I guess it isn't intended, it tastes pretty darn good as well. The product applies like a gloss and finishes semi-matte, which is a brilliant medium for me since I find mattes to be drying, and I'm not crazy about the stickiness of glosses. I've only worn this once but it lasted through the day with only a small touch up after a meal, and looks super chic and wearable. The velvet applicator makes the product extremely easy to apply, and I actually found that it went on much easier than a typical lipstick bullet applicator.
I also picked up one from the classic liquid lipstick range in the shade 'Ruby', which was advertised (and looked like on the packaging) a deep red shade. I'm definitely a fan of red tones that are more on the berry side of things - bright, orangey reds wash me out and aren't, I find, the most flattering for teeth whiteness. This colour wasn't anything like I expected; it definitely isn't the deep red that I imagined it would be, but it also isn't on the other, orangey end of the spectrum either. This is more of a pink red, but it actually looks different to any shade I've seen in a lip product before. It's more bold than I usually go, but I love it, and can't wait to wear it on a night out or to a party, as its the perfect party lip. Another thing I'd like to credit this product with, is that for a red lip, it was incredibly easy to apply. No need for liners here, which is amazing.
As you can see in the photos, these are lovely shades, and although my chocolate shade will probably get more use, I'm glad to have Ruby also in my collection. I'm over the moon to own these beauties, and I'm already eyeing up another few shades (Sugar, Chihuahua and Frozen Hot Chocolate.) 
Have you ever tried these products, and if so, what colours do you have?
Thanks for reading!
Side note: I hate to be a negative blogger, but I wanted to quickly mention that the Make Up Revolution 'Lip Lavas', which are supposed to be a really good dupe for this product, aren't a patch on the real thing. I'm all for saving a bit of $$$, but there really is no comparison here, the staying power, shade range, and formula of the dupe just don't match up in my eyes. 


Wednesday 13 April 2016

A Perfect Benefit Dupe

I don't think I've ever been so hyped about a post as I am for this one. The Benefit 'Balm' range is one of my favourites; when I go to college I almost always prefer to opt for a tinted balm compared to a lipstick, which requires much more maintenance and can't be applied without a mirror. Since receiving Posiebalm and Benebalm for Christmas last year I've worn them a ton, and I was considering purchasing the other two in the collection (Cha Cha and Lolli) when I stumbled across these exact dupes, and I'm super excited to share them with you guys.
Kiko is such a lovely brand - the products are good quality and highly affordable, and I was over the moon to discover their 'Kiss Balms', which are described as tinted, moisturising lip balms with SPF 15, and come in seven shades (and flavours - did I forget to mention that each one has a fruity scent?) I swatched all the shades in store and I've come to the conclusion that there's a dupe for every balm from benefit - Apricot is almost exactly the same as Cha Cha, Cherry for Posie, Strawberry for Benebalm and Raspberry for Lollibalm. I decided to pick up Apricot and Raspberry to make up for the two shades I don't own in the Benefit range, and I also bought Coconut, the colourless balm which just smells completely like summer. The other two shades I haven't mentioned are Blackberry, a deeper purple pink than Raspberry, and tutti frutti, a pretty pink red. All the colours are completely gorgeous, and the metallic packaging just makes me emotional, because you know, make up.

As for the formula of the products I can't tell any difference from the Benefit products; a glossy balm that is refreshing and a well deserved break for our lips after matte lipsticks. They smell amazing as well - especially the Apricot, it reminds me of those little yogurts that they sell in European supermarkets that are flavoured like, you guessed it, apricot. The only difference in product that I can see (or smell) is the obvious one in scent - the fruit flavours are lovely, but I'm also a fan of the slightly perfumed Benefit scent! And you know what? I was also going to mention that it appears that you get slightly less product in the Kiko balm, but after fact checking I can reveal that the product size is exactly the same (three grams), which means that the packaging of Kiko is less bulky and therefore handy for travelling! At £5.90 a pop in contrast to £14.50 from Benefit, its a good old steal, and you could purchase two of these without even reaching the high end price.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a ride or die Benefit fan and I always will be, but everyone loves a good dupe right? To be honest I would say that the Benefit balms are actually worth the price of what you pay, and in the future I may even purchase Lollitint since I so highly coveted it. However, if you're on a budget then let me tell you, these Kiss Balms are pretty much exactly the same and its well worth a try, or even to test if you like a tinted balm before progressing to Benefit. Either way, both brands are great and I'm happy to see all of that metallic packaging in my lipstick holder.
What do you think of this dupe, and which flavour sounds yummiest?!


Sunday 10 April 2016

Hello 18 and a Birthday Haul

Hi guys - I'm officially an adult! Friday was my 18th birthday, and what a lovely one it was; I'm so grateful to have family and friends who would go to such an effort to make my day special. 17 was a good year to me after a pretty bad start, it was the year that I met Harry, my first holiday on my own, the age that I chose and was offered a place at my top university. I'm sad to see it go, but can't wait to experience everything that adulthood has to offer (I know any adult reading this is probably thinking it isn't even that great, but hey ho!)
Last year I did a birthday haul, and it got great feedback and it was nice to have a post up that my family could read, thanking them for their gifts, so this year I've decided to do it again! I'm not bragging in the slightest, and the way I see it is that as bloggers, we constantly buy new items to try, and this is practically the same thing, I was just given these things instead. Plus, these posts are some of my faves to read - I love seeing what people are gifted by their friends and family! I couldn't be happier with my gifts, but honestly and truly, the best part of my birthday was celebrating with all my loved ones (literally there was about 50 people crammed in my house) and getting to chat and snap photos with them all. You know it's a good birthday when you forget to put on a snapchat story because you're too busy having fun.
Something I have wanted for SO long is a new camera. My old one is great, but doesn't perform well as a video camera, and it was hard to create blurred backgrounds and high focus. My parents got me an Olympus Pen EPl-7 (EEP) and I absolutely freaking love it! I'm still figuring it all out, but the quality of the photos is incredible, and when I'm fully used to it I know I'll do a post all about my new baby. I never want to throw the box away either - look how pretty it is oh my gosh.

I also received my forever perfume - I could only afford the rollerball of the 'Victoria by Victoria's secret' perfume last year and I fell in love with it, so to get a 100ml version of this favourite is so exciting! The packaging is just stunning and I know it'll become my signature scent.
My friend Han got me a cute Paris mug which is really cool, and a whole bunch of travel goodies after she read my travel blog post. It was such a thoughtful gift and I'm sending her a million virtual hugs for thinking of me.
Those gorgeous earrings (below) are from Daisy London, which are a brand I've never heard of but definitely need to look into, since they are beyond beautiful and possibly a favourite of mine. Oh I do love them *tears up*. I got some Pandora charms as well which are sitting prettily on my bracelet right now, including an intricate charm with an 'E' on it that I'm so grateful for. Clearly people understand my love for sparkle!

As for make up, I got some bits and then lots of Debenham's vouchers to spree with. My little sister went above and beyond and got me a MAC lipstick that she knew I wanted in the shade 'Patisserie', an amazing pink-nude lustre lipstick that has been on my wishlist for a looong time. Another MAC present I got was this powder blush in the shade 'Harmony', a brown colour that I thought would work amazingly as a blush or a bronzer, since I prefer cool toned bronzers. I'll let you know what I think when I've tried it out.
The other make up item I got is so lovely it makes me a bit emotional. I've wanted to try a TooFaced Melted liquid lipstick for a long time, but the price made it a bit impossible for me to justify. For my 18th I was given a lovely one in the shade 'Ruby', which is a beautiful deep red - I decided that I needed to branch out and get a red, since all I own in my lip product collection is a ton of nude colours.

I've had a lot of friends ask me what Harry got for me, and honestly I'm so taken aback by the good taste in jewellery that he continually has. He got me this gorgeous blue topaz necklace that is so dainty, and in the words of Harry, matches my eyes. I'm so thankful for this, and I know he'll be reading, so THANKYOU!
My Mama and Grandad are pretty much a second set of parents to me, and I was so glad to share the day with them. They bought me this stunning gold chain necklace in the style of the necklaces that both my Mama and my Mum own, and I couldn't be more in love with it. It's such a special and thoughtful gift that will last a lifetime. My granddad is a bit of a techno whizz (I know, how hip), and he made me a DVD of my whole life cut down to half an hour, complete with my favourite music over the years (think Barney the Dinosaur all the way up to Taylor Swift) which I've watched three times now and it never gets any less emotional. I know how much time it must have taken to make that gift, and its definitely one of the best gifts I've ever received.
These are a few of the lovely and thoughtful gifts I received, and I'm so blown away by the effort that people put in for little old me. I can't wait to review the make up and try out my new camera - is there any particular product you'd like to see a review of? Or any recommendations of make up to purchase with my vouchers?
(P.S. Again, please please please don't think I'm trying to brag, this was genuinely something I thought some of you might be interested to read, and I would hate it if any of you thought badly of me for it!)



Wednesday 6 April 2016

NYX Angel Veil Primer

I feel like I haven't done a single product review in months, so that fact right there should be enough to convey that this product is pretty darn special. NYX is a brand that I love; the products are always good quality and the prices are highly reasonable (I just wish they would be sold in my local Boots!) I heard some great things about this Angel Veil Primer on the tinternet, and so I decided to pick it up, since I just finished my MAC Prep and Prime and needed a cost-friendly alternative.
To be honest, I actually think that this product, when you take into account price and quantity, outdoes MAC primers - there, I said it. It cost me £9 from FeelUnique, for 30ml of product, which if I know primers, will last a heck of  while. As soon as I apply this my face feels so smooth and velvety, and it looks ten times better (what you would expect from a 'skin perfecting' primer.) I've noticed that over the past week whilst I've been using this that my make up isn't sliding as much, especially around my T-Zone, and I haven't needed to touch up with powder throughout the day which is definitely a major bonus. If you prefer illuminating primers then this might not be what you're looking for - personally, I like the matte look, so this product is perfect if that look floats your boat, but if you want dewy, illuminated skin then this product doesn't give you that so you would either have to pick up a different primer, or apply separate illuminating products to override the matte look (although that would defeat the object!)
This wasn't intended to be a comparison between MAC when I first thought about doing this post, but I do think its interesting to compare a drugstore product to something so fancy and high-end. I've been needing to use much less of this product than I do of the MAC, an element that I'm inclined to say is a big advantage. As for the scent of the product its your average, non offensive primer scent; nothing amazing yet nothing horrific, but I will say that I do prefer the slightly perfumed scent of the MAC primer. One thing I definitely want to mention is that if you have super dry skin (not combination, because that's my skin type and I've been coping fine) then I probably wouldn't go for this primer as its 'oil free', so would have the tendency to dry out skin. If you use a good moisturiser beforehand you should be good to go, but it is something to consider when purchasing a face product.
Overall I would say that this is a product I will definitely repurchase, especially in times of a budget and need to keep the cost low. I love MAC primers, they're perfect for keeping your make up put whilst you've got a full day of college or work, and make your skin feel amazing; but I just think that Angel Veil does the exact same for a fraction of the cost. Obviously I'm not an expert, these are just my opinions!
Have you ever tried this? What primers would you recommend?


Sunday 3 April 2016

Drugstore Splurging + Mini Topshop Highlight Review

Hi guys! I feel like its been a while since I've sat down and blogged (due to scheduling), but its Spring Break now and although I'm weighed down with revision I've got a few more hours in the day to blog, and definitely a lot more opportunities to take photos! I've been having a couple of weeks where I feel like every single essential beauty item I own has run out - which should explain this rather large drugstore splurge.
I took a trip to Boots for the items that absolutely couldn't wait, and then ordered from FeelUnique for the little luxuries and products that weren't essential. The main reason I placed my order was this beautiful little cream highlight pot from TopShop Beauty which, after using a few times, I'm able to review. I've seen this particular highlight in 'Gleam' around quite a bit, and as it was only £9 I thought I'd give it a go; I'm also the biggest sucker for frosted glass and the TS font, so I went ahead and bought this little pot of sparkly heaven.
The consistency and formula of this product is what you'd expect from a cream highlight - blendable and smooth enough to give an effortless look. I've recently been using Benefit's 'Watt's Up' a lot as well, and I must say that I find this one a lot easier to blend. The downside to the product however, is that for me I think its a bit too dark to be a highlight. I might try it a few more times, but I definitely will start to use it in my eye looks, as its the perfect rose gold colour to balance out a nude lip. Whatever you end up using it for, I honestly think this product is well worth the price you pay, and who can resist a rose gold product?!
As for my other purchases, I desperately needed a new foundation, and since I've been using Rimmel Wake Me Up for a solid year now, I decided to branch out and go for Bourjois Healthy Mix. It's actually the first foundation I've tried that exactly matches my skintone (pale AF), but even though my skin is combination type, I do find this foundation drying without moisturiser underneath, which I haven't found with any other foundation. I'm 100% sticking with it though, because I've never seen my skin looking so matte throughout the day. I obviously also picked up another Rimmel Stay Matte; I'm pretty sure that when I counted, I've repurchased this product 12 times over the years.
Bourjois was on 3for2 in Boots, so I picked up the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer that everyone raves about. Oh my goodness this product smells good. I literally opened this to take the photo, and my Mum went "where is that chocolate smell coming from?!" For my free item I chose the Push Up Glamour mascara - which, although it'll never be as good as Lash Sensational, is rather fab at providing volume. Tons of volume.
The other three items I chose from Feel Unique are some right goodun's. Another reason I made the order is that I've been lusting after the NYX Angel Veil Primer for such a long time, ever since Kathleen mentioned it on her Youtube channel. It has well lived up to my expectations - but don't fret, there's a review to come. To make up the price to £30 so I could get some free samples with my order I picked up a pair of my favourite lashes to wear on my birthday; the Eylure Lengthening Lashes. I originally bought some of the St Moriz Tanning Mousse to wear for my party as well, but after listening to fake tan horror stories from my friends have since decided to try this out post party - nothing says birthday like an oompa loompa.
So that's my haul! Have you tried out any of these products?
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