Wednesday 31 August 2016

Why Bourjois Is My Favourite Drugstore Brand

When I go to Boots to pick up a few beauty treats, I always find myself wandering over to the Bourjois stand. As a 14 year old discovering make up for the first time, I used to gravitate to Maybelline or Rimmel, and on the odd occasion I still do, but four years later and I find that the brand that provides the most luxurious packaging and quality will forever be Bourjois. I managed to pick up some things about three weeks ago that have been on my wish list since I don't know when (the cult favourites always seem to be out of stock in my shade), and it didn't surprise me when they all lived far beyond my expectations.
The thing about Bourjois that constantly draws me in is the chic packaging; none of those whacky neon colours, just soft and classy products that are perfect for a girls girl like me. One item that I've had my eye on for months is the Radiance Reveal Concealer in the shade 'Ivory', because if I'm a magpie for sparkly packaging, I'm also one for some frosted glass. This concealer looks like it's just been dolled up by Cinderella's fairy godmother, and I for one was totally bought by the outside. The inside however, is just as brilliant. The shade is exactly the right amount of pale for me; often the UK version of a pale concealer shade is a slightly lighter shade of orange, but this one is stunning and brightens up my face just like it says on the tin. I've been using this every day and I can already see the difference in my skin when I look at photos that I'm in, and I can't wait to continue using this product for years to come. Holy flipping grail.

If you've ever read this blog before, you'll know that I would never pass up the opportunity to try a Bourjois mascara (Push Up Glamour you fallen angel). The Volume Reveal mascara doesn't have as sturdy of a wand as my other beloved Bourjois mascara, but it does pack on the volume, and the mirrored packaging makes it so easy to take travelling. I think the mascaras are so underrated when compared to other brands such as Maybelline, but if I had to choose one drugstore brand to cover this base, it would definitely be Bourjois.
Okay, I have to mention the smell of the products. Did you ever imagine that a concealer could smell good? Because it can. My particular favourite at the moment is the Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder, which smells so sweet and delicate that I literally sigh every time I bring it out of my make up drawer. Its a nosegasm, it really is. I've been using this one a lot lately too, mixed with my MAC Harmony blush to create my favourite contour shade. I haven't heard much talk about this bronzer, because its usually all about the Chocolate Bronze, but I much prefer this addition to the collection (less orange if you ask me.) You know a brand is doing well when it makes not only my favourite drugstore mascara and concealer, but also my favourite bronzer as well. Don't get me wrong, the brand has products that don't work for me, but I could easily buy most of my everyday make up routine from Bourjois.
I'm the first one to point out that yes, Emily, you are extremely late on the Rouge Edition Velvet bandwagon. I've wanted to try this product for a good year now, but constantly chickened out due to the £9 price tag, so treated myself on results day to the shade 08, which is a gorgeous deep red matte lip that I've worn on two nights out and so far, so good. I like that this is a comfortable liquid lip, compared to other ones I've tried, although it does need to be reapplied after eating. I can't say these liquid lipsticks are up to scratch with some of my favourite high end versions, but they are 100% the best I've bought from high street brands, and the colour range has such a lovely spectrum.
As you can see from these mini reviews, I think of Bourjois quite highly, and constantly peer into the stand at Boots to see if there's anything new to pick up. 10/10 for packaging and scent over the Bourjois collection, which, aside from the quality of the products themselves (which is also top notch the majority of the time), are the two most important aspects. In a post over the next month I will be mentioning a product that didn't go quite as well for me in terms of working well with my skin type, but I'll forgive the brand that minor hiccup and still crown it the 'Best in Boots' award (or Superdrug, whatever floats your boat.)
Which drugstore brand do you gravitate to?


Monday 29 August 2016

Berlin || The End Of A Travel Triad

Here marks the end of my travel diaries from my European adventure this Summer, with a few photos and memories of Berlin. Berlin was definitely the city that surprised me most; I imagined something quite dull and historic, but the city is one of the most vibrant and alive (and modernised) that I've visited. It reminds me a lot of London, with the hustle and bustle and the fast paced environments, and some areas reminded me of Camden, with the mish mash of characters and colours. If you want a city with plenty to learn about and lots to do, then Berlin might just interest you.
The major sights were a must-see for me when I visited; the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building are particularly close to each other and are well worth a look. We went to the top of the Reichstag and saw the whole of Berlin from above, which was a free attraction and also pretty darn cool, and then (you might see a theme with these travel diaries, I'm just obsessed with picnics really) there is plenty of green space to relax and grab a bite to eat. The food in Berlin was probably the least to my taste - I'd much rather grab a trdelnik in Prague than tuck into a frankfurter over in Germany, but if that's up your alley then German cuisine is going to be your thing. We found ourselves wandering over to rustic Italian restaurants, since you can never go wrong with a big bowl of pasta, but I tend to do that regardless of what city I'm in anyway *fussy eater alert*.

The Berlin Wall itself is another site that provides a lot of material to think about; I personally didn't know a lot about Germany's history before travelling there, but I'm glad that after visiting the remaining fragments of the wall I can say I've learnt significantly more. I would warn that a few of the destinations in Berlin known as historic sites, have become quite touristy and therefore were (I felt) less likely to leave an impression. I would also suggest a walk through the Holocaust Memorial, to me its important to recognise the history of any city that I travel to, but this one in particular has a lot to see and reflect on. The memorial itself is so haunting and thought provoking that you leave Berlin feeling a little bit heavier, but in a way that I think we should encourage so that people are aware that we can never ever let history repeat itself.

I think what's evident when you go to Berlin is the progress that's been made since the war; areas that were completely destroyed have been rebuilt to such amazing design and quality that I think the city shows the resilience of humanity, and how times change. I loved that the city has its own characteristic qualities (it always interests me how similar cities manage to make their mark and individualise the sprawling architecture and typical city layout) - there's a lot of street art located around that gives such a unique vibe to Berlin.
All in all, and most likely the reason why I was less eager to write about this city than Prague or Vienna, this was my least favourite city that I travelled to. I think that was probably down to the slight anxiety that flares up in my mind when I go to a big urban city like this one where everything is so fast paced, and not actually anything to do with the city itself. I would be willing to bet that Berlin might not be high up on a travel bucket list for a lot of people, but believe me when I say that the city will surprise you in the best way possible. If you're willing to get stuck in, learn as much as you can, and enter with an open mind, Berlin is a great city to start your adventure.

Have you ever been to Berlin? What's the next city on your travel bucket list?


Wednesday 24 August 2016

A Killer Contour Duo

When it comes to make-up buying habits, I tend to pick an item that I'm obsessed with and buy a million different versions of it, until I finally accept that I have enough and move on to the next category to binge buy. Lately, my crazy habits have leaned towards the contour side of the spectrum; as a pale girl, its hella difficult to find a bronzer or contour kit that works with the skintone (too warm and you look orange, too cool and you look a bit grey and under the weather.) So, with that in mind I thought I'd introduce you to an affordable contour duo that at the moment is right up there for me with the bigguns that I've had in my collection for years.
It's no secret on this blog that when it comes to buying make up brushes, I'm a bit of a beauty blogging failure. It isn't often I'd go down the practical route and pick up a brush that I actually need, when I could pick up yet another variation of a nude lipstick. Hey ho, we all have our faults. I was however, extremely excited to pick up a Morphe brush, since I've heard great things and watched endless Youtube videos to find the exact brush that I was looking for (believe me, there are zillions of brushes made by this brand.) If there was a particular brush I was definitely lacking it was a contour brush, meaning that up until two weeks ago I didn't own one.
The Morphe 438 from Beauty Bay is such gorgeous quality, and I literally look forward to using it every morning. It's a pointed contour brush, meaning that for the first application of a bronzer, its very easy to get a detailed application that you can then blend out. The bristles don't fall out and the brush stays in shape and is so flipping soft. For £7.95 its actually a pretty affordable addition to a minimal brush collection; I know that I'll definitely be looking on BB again soon to find another brush to add from this range.

As for the actual bronzing product, I was completely blown away by the 'Bronze and Sculpt' Contour Kit from MUA Luxe - they are absolutely slaying it with their luxurious range at the moment, that packaging is unbelievably high-end looking! The product is basically a bronze, highlight and mirror kit all in one. The bronzer is slightly on the warm side but doesn't have that orange tint which so often makes an appearance with cheaper bronzing products, and looks beautiful paired with the highlight shade (or the Mary-Lou Manizer I've been finding.) For only £5 I had to try it, and I've not been disappointed at all. Some drugstore bronzers I've tried can have very little colour payoff, but you really only have to use a little with this product to go a long way, and the mirror is fab. I would pay £5 just for the mirror alone; its perfect for your handbag and the kit would be a good choice for a travel make up bag.
I'm so impressed by MUA, a brand that I haven't tried much of but seem to create products of a high quality for a majorly reduced price. I do remember writing once that I was a strictly high end bronzer girl, but I have to hold my hand up and take it all back. The bronzer applies beautifully with the Morphe brush, meaning that these products combine to make a killer contour duo (hence the title of this post, don't you just love it when a plan comes together?) I wouldn't quite yet sign my NARS Laguna off, but for a handful of loose change in exchange for a product like this, you certainly can't go wrong.
Have you ever tried either of these products or brands?


Sunday 21 August 2016

15 Things That Have Made Me Smile Lately

I am endlessly grateful that this summer has been a memorable one, and, in particularly the past couple of weeks I've encountered a ton of things that have been worth a cheesy grin. I thought I'd write all about them, since a positive post is always appreciated - I hope that your summer is going swimmingly, and if it isn't then try to focus on the small victories (because sometimes all it takes is the tiniest thing to make your day.)
1. It would just be weird if I didn't throw it into the mix that I GOT INTO UNI!! The University of Leeds has been my dream ever since I laid eyes on it, and to get to study geography there has definitely put the biggest smile on my face that you've ever seen (there were also tears of happiness - many tears.)
2. I've recently started picking up my polaroid camera a lot more in the last month, and because I'm extremely sentimental I can't wait to take them all to uni with me and decorate my room with them.
3. Nutella milkshakes are the future, I'm sure of it. I couldn't be more obsessed.
4. I joined the gym and have been managing to go about five times a week; I love the feeling I get when I've done a workout, its so rewarding! Although the step machine makes me question my whole life - much hurt much thigh.
5. Gilmore Girls has taken over my Netflix life, and I find myself struggling to get to sleep, worried about the future for Luke and Lorelai. Plus, I relate to Rory on such a high level; girl, I take a book everywhere I go too.
6.  I got a hair cut, which might seem like one of the most mundane and boring things, but I love getting the chop and replacing split ends with thick, healthy hair. There's nothing more refreshing than a new 'do'.
7. Lately, after a huge period of feeling a bit meh about my blog and what I post, I actually feel inspired, and I'm definitely making the most of it. I think sometimes it can feel quite superficial to constantly write about make up, but you know what? I flipping love it so I ain't gonna stop.
8. The 'Anna, Isla, Lola' series by Stephanie Perkins is absolute literature gold, and I re-read the series on holiday only to fall completely in love again. If you haven't picked these up yet, I can't stress enough to you that you need to!
9. We've had a few birthdays in my family recently, so the celebrations have left me in a jazzy mood for weeks (because you know, birthday cake and gift giving.)
10. I've re-found my love for drugstore make up, which is such a relief since it seemed for a while there like I would remain a high end snob for the rest of my days. I've picked up a LOT of make up recently, so watch this space for reviews, and a brand review of a brand that's killing it at the moment.
11. Prague is just the most beautiful city, and just thinking of the main square and the food and the people makes me smile. I actually wrote about it in this post if you want to see all my thoughts on the city.
12. A few weeks ago I finally picked up a pen again and started creative writing, something I haven't done in a long time since blogging came on the scene. I originally began my blog as a way to make progress on my writing style, so to return to it in bits and pieces is a victory.
13. Did you know that you can get cinnamon rolls to bake at home, and they come with squeezy icing? Enough said.
14. I saw Finding Dory, and baby Dory is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen in my whole life. I genuinely thought the second movie was better that the first #unpopularopinion
15. I am loving reading blogs at the moment, particularly beauty and lifestyle. If you have a bloglovin link, leave it below so we can be BL buddies and I can read your posts easily!
What has put a smile on your face recently?


Wednesday 17 August 2016

Vienna Travel Diary

Oh Vienna, you beautiful thing. Vienna was the last stop on our interrailing adventure, and strolling around the main square with a fro-yo in hand was bliss after the bad weather I'd witnessed in other cities. I do maintain that weather completely determines the experience you have in a European city; a thunderstorm in Berlin had me doubting the place, whilst the sun in Prague twirled me head over heels. For me, Vienna had an Italian vibe; that laid back, artistic feel and the sight of hundreds of gelatos dotted all over the show.
The first stop on our tourist list was Belvedere gardens, from which I took the above photo, looking out over Vienna and a variety of hedges and fountains galore. This for me is definitely a must-see, as it leads you into a lovely spot for starting an Austrian exporation. Everyone I talked to before visiting made it sound as if Vienna was a huge city, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of need for public transport - there was definitely more distance to cover in Berlin. Other sights that I would consider to be worthwhile would be the Opera House and St Stephen's Cathedral, which is magnificent and haunting and completely towers over Vienna. You can practically see it from any point in the city!

Lunches were spent chilling in parks such as Stadtpark, although as a Philosophy student I would be intrigued by the Sigmund Freud Park if I ever went back. Vienna was the city in which I thought there was the most greenery; whilst Berlin was very much a London type area and Prague was more on the small city side, Vienna seemed more alive with nature and green space (perfect for grabbing an apple strudel and sitting on a picnic blanket for a couple of hours, especially since in the summer it gets pretty darn hot outside.) Obviously food-wise, if you go to Austria then you need to sample schnitzel, but for those of us that are veggie or considering it, a more fitting delicacy would be Sachertorte; I'm talking a big rich slice of chocolate cake with chocolate cream. Yeah boi. 

Another (possibly not as well known) part of the city that I would recommend to anyone visiting would be the markets, which I think you would find if you headed for the Secession building (there's a massive gold ball on the top of it, you really couldn't miss it if you tried). Walking through the markets is a food lovers dream, let me tell ya. The treats look amazing, and if you time it right you could walk through the stalls and receive sample after sample, I'm talking falafel, fruits, and pastries to the max. It's also maybe the most colourful place to visit in the whole of Vienna, and a great place to pick up souvenirs - I'm not ashamed to admit that me and my Mum bought wooden-spoon-people for just about anyone that we could think of.
There's a lot to Vienna that I didn't even touch on with the time I had, but when it gets to the end of a tiring trip and there's a pool at the thing just leads to another and suddenly you're a sunbed potato. Although Prague will always be my favourite, Vienna came in close second and I would 100% consider going back there someday to see the artsy side to it that I didn't get to see.
Have you ever been to Vienna?

Sunday 14 August 2016

Recent Purchases || A (mostly) Sephora Haul

If you ever travel to a city with a Sephora, am I right in saying that it would be a crime not to have a lil nosy? I think I'm right. Although European Sephora's don't often get the full extent of the American catalogue, I think that the range of beauty treats available is pretty good, and some of my favourite things to pick up whenever I go are the Sephora items anyway. The own brand products are extremely reasonable in price, and since I now own quite a few bits I can say that the quality is well worth what you pay. I picked up a couple of items in the Prague store to show to you guys, and I'm so happy with these items now that I've got them home and tried them out. I also bought a right old gem in a random make up shop in Germany, but we'll get to that later.

I'm going to be honest here, my sister and I walked around the shop for over an hour, checking out all the items we hadn't seen anywhere before. I was immediately captivated by these 'Wonderful Cushion' Matte Lip Creams, since they seemed to have a similar marketing niche to the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, which I've been all about in the last couple of months. The colour variety with this product wasn't huge, but I settled for 'Wonderful Rosy', a perfect pink nude that applies easily and lasts for hours. It's a comfortable matte that doesn't dry out the lips, and the sponge tip makes it much easier to avoid wasting product. I completely love this product, and although I don't think I would venture into many of the other shades (as I'm a bit of a bold lip wimp), I would 100% recommend you picking one of these up if you ever pass a Sephora. This works out at just over £6, which is a right steal if you ask me. 
The other Sephora product that stood out to me was the 'Colourful Blush' in shade 16, 'Heated'. I love the Sephora blushes, I think the colour pay off is brilliant and the shade range is right up my street. I've found a few MAC dupes in there over the years, and I was eager to add this one to my collection because to me, the shade seems a lot like NARS Orgasm, but without the flurry of gold flecks. I own the Orgasm Multiple and adore it, but for days when I'm using a separate highlighting product I wanted a blush like this one that won't sparkle, but will have the same rose colour to it. This blush is such a holy grail item that only costs £11, which isn't bad at all for such a high quality product.
If you've ever been to Germany (or possibly other European countries, I'm not entirely sure where the
stores are located), you might have come across a beauty shop called Flormar. When I went inside whilst I waited for my sister, I thought the shop had a really similar layout and product range to Kiko, and I picked up this 'Pearly White' eye shadow, which actually works as a super beautiful highlight. It is so stunning on top of High Beam to make your cheekbones pop, and even though I was skeptical since this isn't a product intended for highlighting, I can't fault it in any way, especially as it only cost me about £1.50. In the past I've never experimented with using beauty items for anything different that what they're intended for, but this eye shadow has changed my scepticism and I think I'll try to find multiple uses for products in the future.
Have you tried any of these products, and what are your Sephora favourites?


Wednesday 10 August 2016

What's In the August Glossybox?

If you could have seen me this morning, tucked up in a blanket by the downstairs window waiting for the Royal Mail van to trundle up my road with this month's Glossybox, you would understand why I was so eager to get this review up for you guys. This month's box celebrated five years of glossy, and the special box and make up bag designed by Rae Feather makes it a pretty extraordinary one. I thought I'd give you a run down of the products, since I think you can still sign up now and get this edition.
I was super excited to receive this selection of products, because I think I'll actually use all of them, and I was intrigued by the element of choice with this months box (but we'll get to that in good time.) One of the first things to stand out to me was the Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask, a 20ml sample face mask; if there is anything that I will pursue within skin care, its a face mask. This one is marketed as hydrating, which is a plus considering that my skin tends to get quite dry. The full size version of this is £53, so to get to try this out is definitely a treat.

Following the trend of skincare, I'm intrigued by the Spa To You Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush, mainly because I know it will encourage me to use cleanser and up my skincare game (you don't even want to know how little I do to my skin - Tesco value make up wipes anyone?). The brush claims to 'enhance skin vitality', and I'll certainly give it a go and see what it does over time to the condition of my skin. Lets hope for radiant goddess skin, you can never really go wrong with that. This brush retails at £6.99, so it would be an affordable item to add to your collection if you didn't want to purchase the full box.
Cowshed is a brand that I've used before, so I know how luxurious it is to receive an item from them. The Wild Cow Body Lotion is an adorable 30ml sample that will fit perfectly in my handbag, and I'm excited to try it out, as all the products from Cowshed are also professionally used spa products, and are therefore guaranteed to be a winner. I'm usually not the biggest fan of body lotions, but I love the scents from Cowshed and am always eager to try more of their stuff. A brilliant aspect of the box for August is the cream, pink and white make up bag designed by Rae Feather just for Glossybox, which seems to multitask with prettiness and sturdiness, and would be an ideal make up bag for travel. The pochette bags like this one usually sell for £20, meaning that its a fab deal to get one in the box, particularly as the designer's items are known for their trendiness.

Last but definitely not least, I was over the moon to get an MUA palette in the shade 'Starry Night', which I picked out myself online. This was such a nice touch to this month's box, as you can't guarantee you'd receive the shades that you wanted if the selection was random. MUA has been very much on my radar in the last week due to a recent purchase I made (review to come) - this brand is completely underrated! I swatched these shadows a few minutes ago and the pigmentation is hella high for a palette that costs £4; much better than the pigmentation of my Make Up Revolution shadows, a rival value make up brand. This palette is beautiful, and makes the perfect addition to the celebratory box. What a gem.

If you haven't tried this subscription service, you can read my full process review here. This month's box is a good one to start with, and I'll just throw it in there that September's box has a TooFaced miniature product inside. I know.

What do you think of this month's goodies?

Sunday 7 August 2016

Four Nights in Prague

So. I'm finally back from my European interrailing adventures, how is everyone? My legs feel like they could drop off from exhaustion any minute now, but my heart is still dreaming of little cafes and endless scoops of ice cream. Going to multiple cities in one trip is an amazing idea, but I thought I'd try writing up some travel diaries like I did back in February for Amsterdam, partially so that anyone who fancies a break away can read up, but also so that I won't forget all of the small details that I fell in love with in each city. Prague isn't the first city that we went to, but it was by far my favourite, so there didn't seem like any better place to start.
What makes Prague the most beautiful city is the architecture; the colours, shapes and details on the buildings make you want to buy a one way ticket and never come back to rainy England. Some of the streets look like a literal representation of Balamory (throwback to childhood), and classic sights like the clock tower and castle are absolutely perfect for photography. The coloured buildings are a bloggers dream - how often do you see pastel mint coloured hotels? Not often. I'm not at all fascinated by building work usually, but for some reason I just couldn't take my eyes off Prague.

 Oh trdelnik, I could never forget you. The typical Czech treat is, essentially, a feast for the eyes and the mouth. The sugary doughnut cone is filled with toppings of your choice (I recommend white chocolate and strawberries or nutella and whipped cream), and you eat it surrounded by the scent of sweetness. It's bliss, let me tell you. I saw these on Facebook before I went, and assumed I would have to hunt around for a tiny shop in the middle of nowhere, but little did I know that this is a full on delicacy. You can't round a single corner without the tell-tale sign for a trdelnik shop, so don't fret.

As for recommendations for what to do, the city is on the small side, so I would just aim to see as much as you possibly can. Old Town Square is the best place to go and explore after a meal in the evening, and the live music and endless treat stalls make it seem almost magical. I would 100% recommend paying a little bit to climb up the clock tower, so that you can see the entire city before your eyes. The Church is haunting, and is lit up at night by the festivities, making it the perfect ambiance for the square; what I love about the city is that it doesn't matter what time of day it is, there is always a chill vibe. I've come to realise that that is what I look for in a city (the perfect antidote to an anxious mind) - I felt the same way in Amsterdam, and I preferred both of those cities to the hustle and bustle of places like London and Berlin, where dawdling is not an option. 
Wenceslas square I felt was a lot more modern, and if you're wondering where the holy grail of beauty is, that's where one of the Sephora stores is located with a ton of other high street stores.When you cross Charles Bridge onto the opposite side of the city, its lovely to take a walk in the woodland areas and then walk over to the castle and have a look inside, and there are plenty of park areas on the other side to save money and have a picnic instead of a sit down meal.

 The only part of Prague that might make people reconsider is that its very touristy in some areas, but if you avoid the busiest places and go back during quieter times of the day, it doesn't make that much of a difference to your visit. Like I did with Amsterdam, I felt like Prague was such a unique city that you can take from it entirely something different than the next person. I definitely want to go back with Harry as soon as I can and compare the outlook I had when leaving the city with my parents to how I would see it if I took a trip there with my boyfriend, or my friends.
Have you ever visited Prague?
If there's anything else you want to know about the capital city, let me know in a comment!


Wednesday 3 August 2016

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer || Review

For me, its a rare occasion to spend a lot on products like concealer, since I do adore the drugstore selection. When I was on holiday in Mallorca however, I wanted something that would cover my under eyes, and my friend lent me Pro Longwear from MAC - safe to say I'm hooked. I picked up my own in the shade NC15 when I was in Duty Free on the way home, and after using it for a couple of weeks now, I thought I'd give an honest review about what I think because after all, £18 is pretty steep for a concealer.
First of all, I think the most important thing when choosing face products to review, is how varied the shade range is. I'm so pale that often even the lightest shade is too dark for my under eye area, but MAC have a ridiculous colour selection, and the shade I picked up is perfectly light enough for what I need it for. I like to think that whatever skin tone you are, there is definitely a shade to suit you in this collection. There is even a variety of undertones to the shades - NC15 is an NC shade, which means that it is 'neutral cool' with a yellow undertone, whilst NW (neutral warm) has a pink undertone to it. Who knew concealer could be so complicated?
The coverage you get from this product is by far the best I've ever tried, and I'm so won over by the product that it makes me sad, considering the price tag. Although the concealer feels thick when you apply it, and has such good coverage, whilst its on the skin it doesn't feel cloggy or heavy, which is what I in particular look for in my face products; there is nothing worse than feeling trapped in your make up. The concealer lasts all day on my face, and doesn't crease under the eyes *sings Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke* - its perfect if you don't wear foundation but want to cover up any blemishes, since I know a lot of concealers only work well over the top of foundation products.
I also really love the sleek glass bottle, it makes the product feel luxurious, and lets you see exactly how much concealer you have left (but you have to be so careful - we did have a concealer smashing incident on holiday which caused a few tears and some heartbreak.) MAC packaging is always tip top, and its too pretty not to display on my dressing table; you know you're a beauty blogger when you consider how products will look in storage!

There is only one issue with this product, but I do warn you, its a biggun. How much concealer do MAC think we use in one sitting?! The pump is highly impractical and there's no method of controlling the amount of product you get, leading to high amounts of concealer wastage (code red, code red) and therefore a need to repurchase sooner, which we would all like to avoid. Despite this being either a highly crafty idea by MAC, or an oversight by the design team, there is a solution that I've found to minimise this problem and continue to crown the concealer as the best thing since sliced bread. I got these mini make up travel pots at my nearest craft store (about £1.50 for ten), but I know that you can buy them online as well. Every time I get too much product I transfer it into one of these pots and use concealer from the mini pot the next few days until I need to get more from the pump. Its a bit of a hassle, but worth it to save product, and a much cheaper alternative to running to the MAC store every two weeks and damaging your bank account for the sake of concealer.
Overall I love this concealer, and if you're looking for something to hide the remnants of a late night, this one is your gal.
Have you tried this product?
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