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BADLANDS Album Review Track By Track: Halsey

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Hey guys!
So, two days ago Halsey released her debut album, BADLANDS. Do you ever listen to an album for the first time and feel a sort of relief, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders? Some music is just that great. I've been loving Halsey for a while now, and couldn't wait for a full album to be released instead of a short EP (don't get me wrong though, Room 93 is an incredible EP that I have blasted through my room many times). I don't think I've felt this way about an album since the first time I listened to Fearless, so naturally, I thought I'd review it - the Deluxe Edition of course.
Track 1 - Castle 8/10
The opening track to Badlands, with an instant dark vibe that sets the scene for the rest of the songs. This is a perfect way to start the album, an introduction to her world, like the drawbridge has been opened and we've entered, you guessed it, her castle. The beat pulses with energy, and it hints to a fact that becomes concrete later on - Halsey is a little bit different to your average pop artist.
//I'm heading straight for the castle, they wanna make me their Queen//
Track 2 - Hold Me Down 9/10
Without a doubt this is in my top three. This is one of the most relatable tracks, banishing a bad habit that haunts us and shapes us, even if we so badly want it not to. The first ten seconds of this track are beautiful, the collection of notes strung together so wonderfully (I'm not a music reviewer this is difficult, please send help).
//Ignite me, licking at the flames that they bring about//
Track 3 - New Americana 9/10
I feel like this song sends a completely different vibe to the rest, and is possibly the most Pop-y on the album. It's her most listened-to song on Spotify, so it clearly goes down well with the masses. All about the young generation, and how bowing down to the style of past generations is just not in our nature. This is so very Halsey, who would never conform to someone else's views. Definitely the crème de la crème of catchiness.
//We know very well who we are, so we hold it down when summer starts//

Track 4 - Drive 7/10
This begins with a car indicator sound effect, and the car theme is continued the whole way through, giving the song a unique difference. It's one of the slower songs, which instantly makes you listen harder, and the lyrics in this one are just beautiful.
//And California never felt like home to me, until I had you on the open road//

Track 5 - Hurricane 9/10
Straight from Room 93, and the first song I ever heard from Halsey, this will forever be one of my most memorable songs. It tells a powerful story of a girl who's lost her way but at the same time knows exactly who she is. This has a dream-like quality, and the song writing sets images alight inside your mind. This song is inspiring, and it tells us to ditch our labels and be whoever we want to be, because we're so much more than the labels another person sticks on our skin.
//I'm a wanderess, I'm a one night stand, don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man//

Track 6 - Roman Holiday 8/10
LOVE this song. One of the happier songs on the album, like, whatever will happen in the future will happen however we treat the present, so lets just run headfirst into time. It's so innocently joyful that you kind of forget that the true meaning of a Roman holiday is an occasion where enjoyment comes from the suffering of someone else - ouch. Then again, would a happy track really be Halsey if it didn't have a magical yet sinister twist?
//We'll be looking for sunlight, or the headlights, till our wide eyes burn blind//

Track 7 - Ghost 8/10
So fast paced and vibrant, it tells a tale of a romance that appeared perfect to begin with, but evolved into a confusing game when true colours were revealed and actions turned selfish and raw. The lyrics in this are so poignant and relatable to a relationship in everyone's past, and for me the best part about this is how the slow ballad-style beginning develops suddenly into a rollercoaster ride of ever-changing lyrics.
//You say that you're no good for me, cause I'm always tugging at your sleeve//

Track 8 - Colors 10/10
My favourite song off the album by a long way. The tick-tock of a countdown in the background adds a certain urgency to the track, a desperate message delivered to a former lover. You enter Halsey's mind and past when you listen to this, and its a lyrical masterpiece. There are no 'filler' lyrics in this one, everything is key. This track is followed by a Part II, a remixed, slowed down version with scattered repeats of lyrics that is so relaxing and essential to the album.
//Everything is blue, his pills, his hands, his jeans, and now I'm covered in the colors, pulled apart at the seams//

Track 9 - Strange Love (Explicit) 8/10
A secret lover that everyone is desperate for her to spill the beans about, but why should she? One of the sassier tracks where Halsey uses her album as a platform to address an issue she clearly feels important. Even if she's struck by fame, no one else is entitled to private details but her. It's lacking pieces of the story, but then again, isn't that the same for any good mystery?
//Everybody's waiting up to hear if I dare speak your name, put it deep beneath the track, like the hole you left in me//

Track 10 - Coming Down 7/10
I like the acoustics in this one a lot. When you listen to the album through the first time, this song gets lost in the power of the other songs. But, like a hidden gem, on the second listen it takes you by surprise. It might not be the best of the album, but Halsey's vocals carry this one all the way to the top. Of all the songs however, I feel like what you take from this one can differ person to person the most, as its so open to alternative interpretations.
//Now we're lost somewhere in outer space, in a hotel room where demons play//

Track 11 - Haunting 9/10
The steady beat and solid chorus makes this song extremely memorable (for me anyway). It resonates with many due to the relatable nature of the song, haunted by a past relationship that you just can't seem to shake. You get the impression that although she doesn't want to still think about her past lover, she doesn't mind, and this has the roots of what is essentially, a love, not a hate, song.
//'Cause I've done some things that I can't speak, and I've tried to wash you away but you just won't leave//

Track 12 - Gasoline (Explicit) 8/10
A letter to anyone who feels like they don't quite fit in ("I think there's a fault in my code"). The production is legendary, with a dip halfway through where a 'hurricane' is mentioned and is followed by a split second of the key melody in the song Hurricane. Not one of my favourites lyric wise, but I can recognise great music when I hear it. The chorus is so far separated from the rest of the song that its instantly distinguishable.
//Do the people whisper ‘bout you on the train like me? Saying that you shouldn't waste your pretty face like me?//

Track 13 - Control 8/10
A one-to-one discussion with inner demons, and learning the only way to banish them is to face them head on. It's the scariest of the tracks, one you might find lurking in the credits of a horror movie. Her demons 'control' her, and we witness a fight inside with this song. The lyrics add to the creepy energy of the track, and I feel like the album turns in a completely different direction at this point.
//And all the kids cried out, "Please stop, you're scaring me", I can't help this awful energy, Goddamn right, you should be scared of me - who is in control?//

Track 14 - Young God (Explicit) 7/10
Begin with blurred whispers, and a mysterious scene is set. I feel like this song is one of the weakest, but the chorus is creative and memorable, which boosts it. A few seconds over three minutes, this is a blink and you miss it song, which matches the tempo and the vibe, which has a dreamlike quality which sticks in your mind.
//He says, "Oh, baby girl, you know we're gonna be legends, I'm the king and you're the queen and we will stumble through heaven//

Track 15 - I Walk the Line 7/10
The last track on the deluxe album that I attempt to analyse despite the fact that I am not a music reviewer, nor is this a music orientated blog.
The piano makes an entrance in this track, and the slow-ish tempo turns this into a ballad. This is a romantic song, addressed to a lover, but displays lyrics that close the album well and summarise Halsey's experiences and how she treats life because of them. It talks about faith, and how finding the right person overrides aspects of your personality because of how you're tied to them.
//I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, I keep my eyes wide open all the time//

Overall I would give Badlands a 9/10, and although this review makes it appear that I'm pretty generous with my scorings, usually I assure you I am not, it just takes a special sort of album to make me feel this way. This is a beautiful, poignant album with interesting beats and brilliant lyrics that encourage you to immerse yourself in the tracks and never come back out.
Favourites: Hold Me Down, Colors, New Americana, Haunting

Please respect this post as I know the reviews aren't great, but its an aspect of blogging that I really want to improve, and I took such a lot of time and care planning and writing this post! I enjoyed writing this, so might do it again in the future if I find another album that hits me in the way that this one did. This album will 100% shoot Halsey into fame, and I wish her good fortune as she deserves it for releasing what I'm sure will be one of the most popular albums of 2015.

Have you heard this album yet? If so, what's your favourite song?
Emily xoxo

Thursday 27 August 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

Thankyou to Kate for nominating me for this tag! I never really do tags, so this is something a bit different for my blog.
State 10 things you love and 10 things you hate
Tag 10 other bloggers (probably won't do 10, but hey ho, lets go!)
Things I hate
  1. Cows - boy do I detest these creatures. On my bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition my group was chased by a herd of cows, and I really don't think I've ever been that terrified in my whole life. Now I can't walk through a cow field without shedding a tear, or ten. I don't even like beef, so its not like I can get revenge either.
  2. Tuna - Ew. Even typing the word gives me the heeby geebies. You know that one food that you couldn't put on a brave face and eat if someone else's mum served it to you? Yep, this is that food for me - absolutely disgusting.
  3. Boys who take girls for granted (or anyone who takes anyone for granted) - like, get over yourself, they're too good for you anyways.
  4. Foundation marks on white T-shirts - do some people try on clothes, and just rub their face into the material? How does it happen, WHY does it happen? New rule, if you get make up on a white top, you have to purchase it.
  5. The fact that the 'P' key on my laptop has stopped working - When I press the 'P', I don't want to suddenly get a different letter. I like surprises, but that's just nasty.
  6. Bikini/Bra Shopping - I just hate it. Nothing lowers my self esteem more than having to look in the mirror at myself in a bikini. On a side note, I also hate bikinis. How is it socially acceptable to walk around in them?!
  7. Horror Movies - Used to absolutely love 'em. Now I cannot stand them. The other day I watched 'The Babadook', and couldn't sleep in my own bed for two nights! My Mum then proceeded to pretend to BE the Babadook whilst I was in the shower and I screamed and burst into tears.
  8. Smoking - What can I say? I like my lungs healthy.
  9. Sneezing straight after mascara application - why is this situation even allowed to occur really. Its the most annoying, because you can't wipe off mascara under your eyes without taking off the meticulously applied under eye concealer (that was needed due to a sleepless night after watching the aforementioned Babadook).
  10. Double Denim - I'm sorry, I just can't get on board with that trend. Never.

Things I Lurve
  1. Important people in my life - I won't get all soppy and mention names, because I'm not that kind of gal, but you guys know who you are (including my kitty cat Bobo, who I will name because, well, he's just super lovely). I've met some downright awful people, and it just makes me more grateful for you little stars *mwah*
  2. Autumn - We're about to collide into Autumn head first, and I couldn't be happier about it! The clothes, the drinks, the weather - YES.
  3. T Swizzle - Have to mention my homegirl Taylor Swift. I've been obsessed for about six years now, and have seen her on the Speak Now, Red, and 1989 tours. I've grown up with her lyrics blasting around the house, and becoming my life mottos. Favourite song: Fearless.
  4. Shopping - Specifically, clothes shopping. I'm a confessed shopaholic, so much so that I have had to stop buying clothes the last two months to stock up money again. The true cause of my financial demise...Urban Outfitters.
  5. Writing my blog - I just love everything blog related really! Blogging has made its way to the top of my list of hobbies, and I look forward to every blogging moment in the future. There's something so relaxing about my personal corner of the internet.
  6. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill - I could turn on any episode ever and be content that I'm watching quality TV. There's something so moreish about these programmes, I'll never get tired of them! Plus, Chuck Bass and Nathan Scott.
  7. No cheese chicken and sweetcorn pizza - its just the best food (especially with a side of mashed potatos, and then macaroons and pineapple for dessert - okay wow, now I think I'm drooling). I used to think a no-cheese pizza was freaky, but oh how naïve I was back then. Shout out to Hansy for introducing this heavenly meal to me.
  8. Cats - anyone that's met me would straight up say 'cats' to things that I love. It doesn't just have to be my cat (although he's the best, obvs), any cat will do. A cuddle from a cat is the kind of experience that makes a day great, don't you think?
  9. Paris - My favourite city in the entire world *sighs*. Next summer I'm definitely revisiting, either in the form of a creative writing course that takes place in Paris, or passing by whilst inter-railing with friends. Everything about this city just calls to me, the people, the food, the scenery. LOVE.
  10. Picking out presents for people - I adore gift shopping. Buying lots of thoughtful gifts, wrapping them up all cute and piling them into a pretty gift box - now THAT is a job well done.
Wow, that took longer than I expected. Thankyou Kate for the nomination, some of our loves/hates match! I'm taking the time to nominate these lovely people:
I also tag ANYONE who wants to do this post (link me your posts and I'll read 'em!)
Stay Beautiful,
Emily xoxo

Monday 24 August 2015

The Summer Salad

So, I'm not the best cook in the world. And by that, I mean up until a couple of months ago I couldn't fry an egg. Despite this pretty major setback, I love the idea of eating clean and healthy, and am quite excited for going away to uni when I can experiment more with the idea of healthy eating. This summer I've perfected my favourite salad, which I eat alone for lunch, or with a roll for dinner (its important to remember that carbs aren't necessarily all bad, you need them for energy! Plus, because I'm anaemic my energy levels aren't always the highest anyway, so I need as much as I can get.) On with the salad recipe!

Romaine Lettuce (I use two full leaves)
Tomatoes - I just grab a handful from my greenhouse
Some Cucumber
Cashew Nuts
Feta Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar

This is essentially a greek salad with a few components taken away (ew, get the heck out of here olives, who even are you) and added in.
  • Once you've washed the lettuce, strawbs and tomatoes, set out all your ingredients and begin to tear up the leaves, using them as the base of the salad.
  • Next cut slices of cucumber and strawberries and place them as you like on the bed of leaves - personally I always make a symmetrical pattern.
  • Add in the tomatoes and cashews.
  • Place slices of chicken on top of the salad, crumble feta over it all, and lightly pour balsamic to seal the deal.
(I know you're probably thinking that instructions weren't needed, but who doesn't want bullet points in a recipe post?)

Voila! The salad is complete, and it is delicious.
Thank me later! What's your favourite healthy summer meal?
Emily xoxo

Friday 21 August 2015

My First Zara Experience

Hola! So, the title kind of gives it away, but this post is all about Zara. Believe it or not, up until about a month and a half ago I had never ventured inside the wonderland that is Zara - and it took some darn good Polish prices when I visited Krakow to get me in there. I bought two pieces that I absolutely adore and have worn to death since I got them, and now I know that I'll have to add Zara to my list of favourite stores. I would like to point out before I jump into the post, that I'm not wearing orange foundation or have had a dodgy spray tan - my natural tan from holiday just looks quite strange against my white walls.

Okay. The first piece is this beautiful pair of flowy, patterned pants. They have the texture of crepe paper and are perfect for a warm day with a slight breeze. I'm not kidding when I say I've got my wear out of these - I've literally worn them about three times a week. Unlike a lot of patterned pants the design runs on the inside as well, meaning that they look just as good rolled up a few times, ideal for a short person like myself. In this OOTD I paired the pants with a black Bardot top from Peacocks, my anklet that I bought on holiday, and my brown sandals from New Look.

The second item I bought was this blue and white striped silky shirt, which is super comfy and yet still appears smart. It has quite a low neckline (as in, the buttons start quite low) which I love, as I don't often find shirts that flatter my figure. Don't worry though, it isn't too revealing! In this outfit I put it with my New Look high-waisted skinnies which I rolled up, my white Peacocks sneakers and a pale pink bow I got from my local market.
I would definitely shop in Zara again, and I can't quite believe its taken me this long to try it out!
Have you ever made a Zara purchase, and if so, what did you think?
Emily xoxo

Tuesday 18 August 2015

What I've Been Reading Lately

Hi Guys!
(Apologies in advance for the crappy polaroid that I exposed to the sunlight way too early)
So, I'm out of my reading slump and back into the swing of things. I never really talk about it on my blog, since I tend to focus more on fashion and lifestyle, but literature is one of my great loves, whether its classics like 'To Kill a Mockingbird', or YA fiction like 'The Hunger Games' - which actually, I'm not that big a fan of. I thought I'd write a post about what I've been reading lately, and whether I would recommend them to you or not. These are all cutesy reads that are great for summer!

Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins, 9/10.
This was a Re-read, since this series is one of my favourites of all time. This is the third and last book in the series, each one following a different set of characters who are all linked to each other. Isla and Josh fall in love all over the show, taking place in Paris, New York, and Barcelona. I think the reason I love this series so much is that the characters go to boarding school in Paris, which is just the dream scenario. Josh is the mysterious, brooding artist, whereas Isla is top of the class, and has crushed on Josh FOREVER. I first read this the night it came out, and stayed up until 5am to finish it - recommend.

I'll Give You the Sun - Jandy Nelson, 8/10
About four years ago I read a book by this author called 'The Sky is Everywhere' and completely devoured it. It was the kind of writing that forced you to hold the book in your hands until you'd finished every last page. When she released a new book this summer I knew I had to have it, and it did not disappoint. Jude and Noah are twins, inseparable since birth, but a tragic accident drives them apart and forces them to become different people, not only separate from each other, but also separate from their true selves. I thought this book was brilliantly written, and covered difficult topics that some authors prefer to leave out. My only criticism is that sometimes with dual perspectives you find yourself enjoying one person's perspective much more than the other - but still, without a doubt, recommend.

Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson, 8/10
This book took me by surprise, as I assumed that it would be a light, summery read. In actual fact, the reason Taylor and her family are taking one last trip to the summer vacation house, is that her Dad has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and is not going to live past three months. I was left sitting in my holiday apartment in FLOODS of tears after reading this, and just could not put it down. The romance involved was cute, but for me it was the family aspect to this book that kept me thinking about it way after I read the last chapter. If you want a book to put things in perspective, this is the one. Recommend, but be warned about upsetting content.

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West, 4/10
Can't really say I enjoyed this all too much. Its a cliché romance with a rich boy and a poor girl, and it just didn't click with me. I like plot twists and originality, which this book I thought really lacked in. There isn't much to write about this one, I just summed it up in the first sentence of this paragraph, and you know that if you can sum up a book in one sentence it can't be too content heavy. However, if what you're searching for is a mindless beach read, then this might appeal to you. Wouldn't recommend

The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E Smith, 7/10
Okay, so this story also takes place all over the world, and follows two teenagers who fall in love one chaos stricken night in New York City, and then are flung here there and everywhere to get on with their lives without each other. Paris, London, New York, Edinburgh, and that's only to name a few! Lucy and Owen's story was so darn cute, and even though I probably wouldn't reread this, I'm glad I read it the first time because Jennifer is a great writer who I have enjoyed time and time again. Obviously, this plays on the theory that people can fall in love in no time at all, which I don't believe, but the story is good all the same - recommend.

What have you been reading lately that you would recommend?
Stay Beautiful!
Emily xoxo


Saturday 15 August 2015

Victoria's Secret Perfume Crayons

I don't often post reviews on singular items, but I got so excited about this set of Victoria's Secret Perfume Crayons that I immediately wanted to publish my thoughts for you guys. The set comes with six crayons, in the scents 'Victoria', 'Heavenly', 'Bombshell', 'Tease', 'Very Sexy' and 'Angels Only'. This (I believe) is a Jet2 Airline Exclusive, so it would appear quite hard to get your hands upon. I looked on the VS website to double check that there wasn't a sneaky link, and although it didn't seem like there was one, "Exclusive" items never really turn out to be as exclusive as they seem so I'm sure you'd be able to get your hands on this set somewhere else. On further investigation, I found these on, so I'm sure you don't have to buy a plane ticket and go to extreme lengths to get these.
I absolutely love the VS fragrances and I think that there's a scent to suit everyone - there's such a wide variety of products and not all are too pricy to afford! This set cost £19, which for six separate scents I think is an amazing deal. My personal favourite is Victoria, as I own that perfume and wear it every day. The crayons are strongly scented so you don't need to apply much, and genuinely do smell like the perfumes (instead of partially smelling like bombshell, and partially smelling like that old pack of Crayola that you unearthed from under your desk). My only issue is that I feel like they might run out quickly due to the texture of the crayon and how much rubs off when you use it.
This set would make such a cute gift for someone, and I think that its a reasonable price to pay for a birthday gift for someone you love. The packaging is also really sweet, a little plastic envelope with the words 'scent with love' emblazoned on the front. All in all this product gets at least an 8/10 for me, and there isn't many things more exciting than an airport/inflight purchase!
What's your favourite VS fragrance, and how do you feel about perfume crayons?
Emily xoxo


Wednesday 12 August 2015

I Spy a Holiday Haul

Interestingly one of my most-viewed posts of all time is my holiday haul from last year, when I visited Barcelona - you can view this post here. I thought that since it seemed to be popular I'd write a holiday haul for this year, considering I got back from Fuerteventura yesterday and all of my purchases are still brand spanking new.

Okay so first of all (and possibly most exciting) are my pair of Nikes. I've coveted a pair of these shoes for a good while now, but could never justify spending a lot of money for a pair of trainers when I don't actually do much sport - and by that I mean I'm super lazy and don't do any at all. When I was away I saw this grey and pink pair on sale for around £28, which is a crazy good deal so I couldn't just leave them behind. They're comfy and cute, which is pretty much all I look for in a pair of shoes.

This set of earrings I picked up for about £8, and its a set of 3 pairs of silver hoops in differing sizes. I've wanted something like this for ages, since I have three piercings in each earlobe and love how easy it is to just stick a pair of small hoop earrings in. There's also something really holiday-ish about hoop earrings, don't you think?

When I visited Duty Free I purchased a set of Victoria's Secret Perfume Crayons, which come in the scents 'Victoria', 'Tease', 'Angels Only', 'Bombshell', 'Too Sexy' and 'Heavenly'. It cost £19 for six crayons, but I split the packet (and the price) with my sister and ended up getting the three scents pictured above. I'm going to do a full review on these perfume crayons at a later date.
Lastly, I bought this anklet to make up for the fact that I snapped my plain gold one in half last month. It was about £4.50 and looks really pretty when paired with any outfit, which is a major bonus. I've been a fan of anklets for years now, and I feel a little bit naked without one on my foot.
That's all I picked up this year, aside from the obvious chocolates and sweets that I ate before I could take a photograph. I also bought a shot glass for my boyfriend (which has become a little tradition to  get him one from every country I visit).
Stay beautiful and I'll see you next post!
Emily xoxo

Sunday 9 August 2015

Summer Holiday Lookbook

I'm back from 10 days in the sun, and although I had a fab time in Fuerteventura I'm glad to be back home with my double bed, my laptop, my cat and fruit and veg (that last one is weird, I get it, but its 4am and I can't get to sleep because I watched a horror movie on Netflix). A lot of my outfits were repeats, as I mostly strolled around the resort in my bikinis and shorts, but I got my lil' sister Rachel (shout out to you sis) to photograph four of my OOTDs to make this lookbook style post for you guys. It will never not be awkward to stand in a public place and pose.

Sunglasses - Cotton On
Shirt - Brandy Melville
Shorts - Forever 21
Flipflops - Peacocks
Necklace - Primark
Playsuit - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - Cotton On
Hair Braid - Street Seller (I fulfilled a childhood dream by finally getting one of these)
T Shirt Dress - Brandy Melville
Flipflops - Peacocks
Cropped Tank - New Look
Shorts - Forever 21
Sandals - New Look
Which is your favourite? 1,2,3 or 4?
Emily xoxo

Thursday 6 August 2015

How To Stay Happy

If I had to pick one lesson I've learned in the past year, it would be that happiness is fragile. It can disappear in a second and shatter right in front of your eyes if you don't take care of it. This is a post I've had saved in my drafts for a good month or so now - personal posts always freak me out a bit but hey ho, this post might help someone, so up it goes!
I've kind of hinted at this (or outright said, I can't really remember, its 10pm and I'm weary) but in recent years I've not been the happiest of people on occasion, even though its in my nature to be laughing and smiling most of the time. I think that its completely natural to not feel 100% sometimes, but every time I go through a tough experience I gather mental tips on how to preserve happiness in the best way that I can.
Here are a few of my favourites (prepare yourself bloggers, this is about to get real):

  • Surround yourself with people that encourage you to shine - you have no obligation to anyone who treats you like you're less than sparkly. Like seriously. Life is way too short to have friends that put you down or a boyfriend that makes you feel like crap, if they intentionally knock you down time and time again, you have to take a step back and question whether they add positivity to your day. I'm not suggesting you cut everyone off after a minor fall out, but if its a long term drag on your mood and your mental health, then I do think a change may be in order.
  • Taking a different spin on the same concept, don't let your happiness depend on the actions of someone else. Too often we become so wrapped up in friendships/relationships that we associate our happiness with those people. If the time comes (and occasionally it does) that people leave our lives, we have to make the connection that although they added to our overall happiness, it is not purely because of them that we felt that emotion. Without that connection the possibility is there that you will feel down for a long time simply because you think you should - does that make any sense?
  • Accept bad days when they come - this might sound weird, and I'm not saying it would work for everyone, but I've found it helpful at times. Whenever I feel down for a day, I own it and accept that maybe, today is just not my day. I curl up with a hot chocolate, some M&Ms and my Netflix account and I cosy up until I don't feel so bad anymore. The next day though, I get up and I act as I would normally - for me the trick to banishing sadness is to control the length of time it gets to affect my daily routine.
  • Start doing things that you love, and that are in your control - for me, this would be blogging, writing and reading. Immersing yourself in activities that make you happy are bound to have a positive influence on your mental health, this is kind of an obvious point to make. School work is important, relationships are important, but I think having hobbies and time to yourself is just as important, to feel at peace with your own mind and feel happy when you're alone. (Do you ever read a post back when you proof-read and LOL at how formal and serious you sound? I do.)
Those four tips are my favourites at the moment, and I try to keep them in mind on a daily basis to keep myself healthy and happy. We work ourselves silly sometimes and forget how delicate we actually are, and sadness is inevitable but I think trying to combat it is how I want to live. Thankfully, we live and we learn, so we're better off next time!

Do you agree with any of these tips, or have any of your own? I'd love to hear them!
Emily xoxo


Monday 3 August 2015

July Favourites

Hello August, goodbye July! I've loved July, it's been a good month to me, so I'm sad to see it go. I also tried some great products which I know some of you might fancy, so here's a classic 'favourites' post.

When I pick my shower gels/body washes, I always go for what smells delicious. An all time favourite of mine is the Soap and Glory 'Whipped Clean' shower butter, which smells like pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. It's quite pricey at £7 so I don't use it all year round, but this month I felt like treating myself to an old fave! Super moisturising with a scent good enough to eat (don't though, that would be stupid), what more could you wish for?

Zoella released a new beauty range this month, and I opted to buy the 'Let's Spritz' body mist, which as it turns out I really really love! It's a perfect, summertime perfume, and I'm rubbish at describing smells but to me it smells really fresh and feminine, and kind of grown-up. This is reasonably priced at £8, and lasts for ages, as I've used it about half the days this month and still have only used 1/15 of the bottle. The design of this bottle is to die for, with the white lace on the back and the typical zoella font on the front.

Another body mist I've been using is the Victoria's Secret 'Frosted Apple' spray. It's fruity and light and also, weirdly, works as a good room spray to jazz up the air in your bedroom. I can't remember how much it was since I bought it back in December, but it can't have been more than £8 - I know myself and I know I wouldn't have paid more than that for it. Plus, you get a huge amount of product and the bottle has glitter on it. GLITTER.

I've been having quite a few baths lately, and what I use is usually a mixture of any random bubble bath, and a handful of these 'Absolute Aromas Himalayan Bath Salts'. They smell AMAZING and work to relax and detox your body. This might be a psychological side effect, but I always get a good nights sleep after having a bath using these, as I feel so relaxed. Sometimes, you have to treat yo body, and this my friends, is definitely a treat.

Finally, I've been loving the new Kate Moss Rimmel London 'Nude Collection. There are 5 shades in the collection, and I picked up the shades 43 and 45. 43 is a more orangey toned nude, whilst 45 is definitely pinky toned. I love Kate Moss lipsticks as they're moisturising and don't dry out your lips, and they smell so good! These cost £5.49 each, but at the moment are on buy one get one half price, so that means you get two for about £8.25, which seems to me like a pretty good deal. Here are the swatches for the lipsticks:

What's been your must-have product for the month of July?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo
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