Sunday 16 October 2016

Where I Splurge And Where I Save

For the longest time now, make up has been the one thing that I really don't mind splashing out on, no matter what the price tag is. There are however, some things that I hold back on and always stick with drugstore, and some products that I don't think you can get the best quality with when paying a minimum price.
Starting with foundation, I've never purchased one that's high end. In all fairness, I'm sure I could do better than Rimmel Wake Me Up if I wanted to, but I don't wear foundation enough to make it worth it. I hear a lot about Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, and MAC foundations, and although it would be tempting I think the drugstore have a lot to offer in terms of a base. I like to splurge on make up that excites me, and foundation is just never something that has.
I have tried high end concealer, and I always come back to the gems I picked up in my local Boots (Bourjois you know I'm looking at you.) Concealer is so hit and miss; I think its more a case of finding something that works for your skin rather than going for a product specifically high or low end. There are definitely a heck of a lot of drugstore alternatives to high end though, so don't dive straight into the deep end unless your have a money tree lying around somewhere.
One item that I love going hardcore with and giving up all my money for is bronzer - I just flipping adore it and I don't think you get the same quality with drugstore brands (I don't think the market for it has been maximised yet.) My favourites are MAC Harmony, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and NARS Laguna, and I will repurchase expensive bronzer until the day I die. There are some beauty bits that really do get better with price, although there is a couple by Bourjois that I would recommend.

Highlight is another great one to splash out on, because you can never go wrong with spending your pay check on some shimmer, right? Until the introduction of strobe creams, I would have said it was extremely slim pickings in my Boots to find a drugstore highlight. Now, the offerings are good, and I love the Barry M highlight, but if you want it to stand out I think you have to turn to the more expensive alternatives. My favourite high end splurges are Watt's Up and High Beam by Benefit, who absolutely slay the highlight game in every situation and are a constant member of my make up bag.
Eye shadow is tricky, because I think it can go either way. Is MUG drugstore? Because those babies are all you really need in life when it comes to all things eye shadow. I also recently picked up a Morphe palette which was dirt cheap and is amazing, so I guess the verdict there is that you have to look outside the drugstore, but not necessarily for the most expensive brands.
High end mascara irks me on a huge level, purely because I don't think you can get much better than some of the products on offer in the drugstore (with the exception of Tarte mascaras.) It would break my heart to spend so much on something that will dry up within six months, which is why I always stick to my trusty Bourjois mascaras - I've mentioned them a million times but they are seriously still the ones to beat.
Lastly, lip products are just something I can't help but go all out for. MAC lipsticks? Gimme. Too Faced Melted? Hand it over. It's like I can't live without buying higher end lip products every time I get paid. I think when you pay more for lip products you get high quality formula, packaging, scent (don't try and tell me you don't smell your MAC lipsticks), and pretty much better quality in every category. 100% worth the splurge.
Where do you save, and where do you splurge?


  1. I tend to save on blush and mascara but then I splurge on eye shadow, foundation and lipsticks. I can't help it I just love lipstick packaging!

    I'm with you though, sometimes I splurge when I don't need to.

    The Crown Wings

  2. I agree with you on the concealer, mascara, and bronzer. Concealer should be right for your skin, not how it looks on other people, mascara is mascara to me, and I just don't think drugstores do bronzer... right. The colour is almost always off for me. I think I would splurge on eyeshadows, foundation (if I wore it), lip sticks, and bronzer!

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. Totally agree about bronzer, luxury brands get the shades right! :)

  3. I love drugstore makeup buuut I easily talk myself into trying one or two high end products in each category XD My lashes are stick straight and I have yet to find a drugstore one that holds a curl as well as the diorshow mascara. And for complexion products, I have a difficult time finding a drugstore match so I've given up and stick to higher end brands. My favorite items to buy at the drugstore are probably blushes, brushes, and nail polishes. Especially the brushes! Real techniques and elf both have so many great, affordable brushes :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster


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