Thursday 19 March 2015

The Inevitable After School Snack Binge

Hey guys!
I've been trying lately to mix up the snacks I've been eating when I get home from school, because I usually just get in and eat whatever I can find. I'm the kind of person that can completely forget to eat one day, and then stuff my face the next - I chose three of my favourite ideas for this post, one healthy, one in between, and one completely unhealthy because I would seriously struggle without my dose of chocolate and sugar.

1. The healthy idea.

When I get in from school, I usually can't be bothered preparing a snack, and just opt for grabbing what's right in front of me. Lately however, I've been slicing up a red pepper and dipping it into sauce - and surprisingly it tastes SO good. You could pretty much use any dipping sauce, but my favourites are salad cream and BBQ (hey, don't knock it til you've tried it). I load it into my 'dipping cone' from Lakeland and munch away whilst I watch a youtube video or two before I start my homework for the night.

2. The Nostalgic Snack.

I'm pretty sure that this is one of my favourite snacks of all time. Do you remember going to tea parties when you were five years old? And the table was laid with party rings and sausage rolls and...cheese and pineapple? Party food ridiculously excites me, so I've been making it a lot recently - its really easy to make, you just combine a cube of cheese with a chunk of pineapple. It sounds like a crazy combination, but I swear it works SO well. Enjoy!

3. The Friday Night idea.

I admire people that can sit down on a Friday night and eat raw vegetables. But honestly, I'm a teenage girl and if I don't get my chocolate fix I start to go into withdrawal. It's okay to eat an unhealthy snack now and again, you only live once! What I like making is a 'DIY Trail Mix' thing, where you basically just mix some of your favourite snacks into a bowl. For me, you can't go wrong with pretzels, wine gums and smarties.
What are your favourite snacks?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo


  1. Oooooh, feta cheese and pineapple sounds yummy! I usually just have some cookies, which is so unhealthy of me, but recently I've been cutting down the snacks for Ryvita, with light cheese, ham and cucumber. Slicing red pepper and snacking on that sounds lovely!

    1. It really is! That sounds so nice, I might have to try that - I don't always stick to healthy things either, I just got in and had a bagel!


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