Wednesday 25 March 2015

Laugh Your Way to a Happier Existence

I think laughter is so important to our health. It's really strange, the sound that escapes us when we find something funny. Occasionally we don't even find anything humorous, it can be a nervous laugh, or a fake burst of laughter. But the true laughter, the kind that makes you smile as wide as the sun and makes your heart beat out of your chest? I've been thinking a lot about that. (P.S. this post was inspired by the sheer amount of time I spent last night with one of my best friends, laughing about the hilariousness of our own laughs.)

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, which give us a happy feeling inside that can last minutes, or hours. It has the power to relieve pain and inspire us, and even boost our immune system. It actually also increases blood flow to the heart, protecting us from the risk of heart attacks and various cardiovascular problems. Isn't it cool that an action so spontaneous and easy can relieve our bodies and minds so much? As for mental health, laughter allows us to see situations in a less threatening way, and develop a newfound perspective.

There is benefit to laughter as well in the method of just 'laughing something off'. If people say things about you, things that you know aren't true, then the act of laughing it off is the best revenge. I heard a comment about me last week that really offended me, but when I thought about the source of the comment, and how unbelievably stupid it was, I was able to laugh with my friends about it and feel better instantly. We can choose how we let people affect us, and it can either be to tear us down or make us stronger. I definitely feel stronger for laughing about it all, because now I'm able to see how
immature someone has to be to make a comment like that.

To conclude this little ramble, just laugh. Laugh at stupid things, laugh at awkward moments, laugh at the little things that make our lives light. Because truly, laughter is the best medicine in the world.

Emily xoxo

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