Friday 24 July 2015

50 Things to Do This Summer

  1. Take a polaroid picture
  2. Go out for breakfast - my No1 is cinnamon toast!
  3. Host a cocktail (or mocktail) party - find a recipe for my personal favourite here.
  4. Eat less junk food
  5. Beach walks
  6. Create a photo wall on one side of your room
  7. Get a summer job and earn big bucks
  8. Buy some water balloons and surprise attack your friends/boyfriend
  9. Start a blog
  10. Delete Facebook (honestly the best decision you will make for a long time, read my post on it here.)
  11. Be brave and wear an 'out there' outfit
  12. Start drinking Iced Tea
  13. Go to an outdoor cinema showing
  14. Start a new series on Netflix (this is the true meaning of summer lets be real)
  15. Fill an ice cube tray with juices and fizzy drinks to make bite sized lolly ices
  16. Make a summer playlist
  17. Go Geocaching - this is a global scavenger hunt, find out more on this website
  18. Make your instagram theme all pretty (follow me at emilylaura_13)
  19. Tie die some shirts
  20. Go sea shell collecting
  21. Try watercolour painting
  22. Set up a tent in your backgarden
  23. Build a pillow fort
  24. Bake cookies
  25. Go berry picking
  26. Find a pet rock (jk, but I'm running out of ideas)
  27. Learn a rap song off by heart
  28. Make S'mores
  29. Play a summery sport (I like rounders and badminton)
  30. Watch some fireworks
  31. Bike rides
  32. Learn how to do a new type of braid
  33. Have a BBQ
  34. Read some summer romances
  35. Take a picnic to your favourite outdoor place
  36. Go. On. Holiday/Vacation.
  37. Rollerskating
  38. Start a Graze box subscription (see my review here)
  39. Put up sprinkers in the garden and run through them
  40. Visit family members that you don't often see
  41. Eat a meal the opposite way (dessert, main, starter)
  42. Explore your hometown/city more thoroughly
  43. Go all old fashioned and write a letter to someone you love
  44. Play paint twister
  45. Learn to speak a little in another language
  46. Photo Booth
  47. Send a message in a bottle
  48. Go up a down escalator
  49. Keep a dream diary for a week
  50. Be the very best version of yourself
Stay beautiful!
How's your summer been so far?
Emily xoxo

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