Tuesday 28 July 2015

One Year Down the Line

It's officially been one whole year since my very first blogpost, and since that post I've written 103 others. This is basically a 'Thankyou' to anyone who has ever read a post of mine, or dropped me a comment. I know there isn't many of us, but I'm still grateful for all the views I receive because to me its never been about a subscriber count, just about doing what I love (writing) and hopefully inspiring or helping someone else to do the same.

A lot has happened in this year. First of all, I feel like my style developed a lot as I became more comfortable with being myself. Now when I go to a store I choose clothes that I want to wear, instead of trying to save up for all the brands that everyone else has and basically looking like a carbon copy of any other college student.
This year saw my first heartbreak, which was so unexpected and hit me a lot harder than I could have seen coming. Thankfully, the heart is resilient, and sometimes we have to experience a bad thing to make room for something so much better (I might write a post on this in the future if I build up the nerve). I'm quite na├»ve as a general rule, so it was difficult seeing a side to a person that I never expected to show its colours - but once you've dealt with a manipulator once, I think it becomes easier to spot one again and recognise the signs of a toxic relationship.
I also feel like I grew up this year, maybe as a result of my experiences (but I'll never know) to a point where sometimes I don't feel like myself at all. But I've decided that's a good thing, because evolving never really feels like a bad thing, at least not in my opinion. My Mum once told me that the years 16-19 are where you change and learn the most, and I completely trust her on that one.

I tried to make my blog purely fashion, but even though I love writing those posts the most, I think my blog will always be a mixed bag. I can't confine myself to one thing and I'm terrible at decisions, so even one year on I continue to just post anything that I feel like posting - and hey, even if I'm the only one reading it, that doesn't matter to me. Writing has always been my escape, and I like to think that this corner of the internet will keep being my place of escape for many more years after this one.

Stay beautiful and always be true to yourself,
Emily xoxo


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