Monday 3 August 2015

July Favourites

Hello August, goodbye July! I've loved July, it's been a good month to me, so I'm sad to see it go. I also tried some great products which I know some of you might fancy, so here's a classic 'favourites' post.

When I pick my shower gels/body washes, I always go for what smells delicious. An all time favourite of mine is the Soap and Glory 'Whipped Clean' shower butter, which smells like pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. It's quite pricey at £7 so I don't use it all year round, but this month I felt like treating myself to an old fave! Super moisturising with a scent good enough to eat (don't though, that would be stupid), what more could you wish for?

Zoella released a new beauty range this month, and I opted to buy the 'Let's Spritz' body mist, which as it turns out I really really love! It's a perfect, summertime perfume, and I'm rubbish at describing smells but to me it smells really fresh and feminine, and kind of grown-up. This is reasonably priced at £8, and lasts for ages, as I've used it about half the days this month and still have only used 1/15 of the bottle. The design of this bottle is to die for, with the white lace on the back and the typical zoella font on the front.

Another body mist I've been using is the Victoria's Secret 'Frosted Apple' spray. It's fruity and light and also, weirdly, works as a good room spray to jazz up the air in your bedroom. I can't remember how much it was since I bought it back in December, but it can't have been more than £8 - I know myself and I know I wouldn't have paid more than that for it. Plus, you get a huge amount of product and the bottle has glitter on it. GLITTER.

I've been having quite a few baths lately, and what I use is usually a mixture of any random bubble bath, and a handful of these 'Absolute Aromas Himalayan Bath Salts'. They smell AMAZING and work to relax and detox your body. This might be a psychological side effect, but I always get a good nights sleep after having a bath using these, as I feel so relaxed. Sometimes, you have to treat yo body, and this my friends, is definitely a treat.

Finally, I've been loving the new Kate Moss Rimmel London 'Nude Collection. There are 5 shades in the collection, and I picked up the shades 43 and 45. 43 is a more orangey toned nude, whilst 45 is definitely pinky toned. I love Kate Moss lipsticks as they're moisturising and don't dry out your lips, and they smell so good! These cost £5.49 each, but at the moment are on buy one get one half price, so that means you get two for about £8.25, which seems to me like a pretty good deal. Here are the swatches for the lipsticks:

What's been your must-have product for the month of July?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xoxo

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