Sunday 27 September 2015

All About Them Charms

Hola bloggersphere!
Todays post is all about my Pandora bracelet, a gift I was given years ago by my parents, which my friends and family have added to over the time I've had it. It seems like every man and his dog have a Pandora bracelet, but I love how you can make it personal, and I like to think everyone's charms have their own story to tell.
Hedgehog - This was the first charm I ever received (from my parents), to remember the years I spent volunteering at a local animal shelter which specialised in, you guessed it, hedgehogs.
Turtle and Frog - These were given to me by various friends, purely picked because of my love for animals. Plus, how CUTE are these?!
Snowman - My Christmas charm, which is so lovely and special around the colder seasons. I think I got this from my parents on a rare year when England got some snow!
Flower Patterned Charm - Possibly one of the prettiest Pandora charms I've seen, and definitely one of my favourites on my bracelet.
Heart - My Aunty and Uncle gave this to me way back when, and I love the simplicity of the design.
Tropicana Charm - My boyfriend surprised me with this charm a few weeks ago and I couldn't be more in love with it, its so lovely! Who knew boys could pick out pretty things?
Musical Note - My parents got me this one after hearing me play my guitar upstairs in my bedroom for hours on end, day after day, for months and months. Even though I don't play quite as much anymore, this charm reminds me of the summer I didn't put my favourite instrument down.
Teacup - My friend Hannah got me this one, partly because we love tea parties, and partly to represent Taylor (Swift), our shared love who used to host backstage T-Parties after every concert.
Baseball - To represent my trip to America, when me and my family embarked on a giant road trip, beginning in LA and ending in Las Vegas, stopping at many places (including San Francisco and Yosemite) on the way. This happens to be the only charm that I've ever bought myself.
Bible - I got given this when I was confirmed a few years back, and I love this one so much. I don't think I've ever discussed religion on my blog, but it feels nice knowing that I have my faith with me at all times in the form of this cute little charm.
I do own a couple more charms, but those are ones I don't really wear at all!
Do you have a charm bracelet? If you do, what's your favourite charm?
Emily xoxo


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