Sunday 30 October 2016

Two Hidden Blushes

When I was packing up my make up to take to university (and believe me, a LOT came with me) I kept coming across products that I completely forgot I owned. It's the curse of the beauty blogger/ make up hoarder, so I decided to pull out a few of the forgotten favourites to try again in my Autumn routine. Two that I've learned to love again are blushes, a beauty category that as a rule I generally stay clear from; but its Autumn, and I'm arguably the palest I've ever been. Girl gotta get some colour.
The first blush, and I'll be first to admit this, looks a little scary. It's coming up as an overwhelmingly red shade, but when you dust this over your cheeks (Sleek blush in 'Flushed') it comes across as a gorgeous deep plum shade. A bit too much and you're set for Halloween though, so when it comes to shades like this you've got to have good lighting for application and a crazy steady hand. Blushes like this are often such a beauty risk, but you've got to take it sometimes, right? These blushes retail at £4.99 and even though I bought this way back when, its still available along with some other amazing tones.

The second blush is a No7 powder blush in 'Soft Damson', which is basically the other end of the spectrum and is a dusty rose shade that looks beautiful if you pair it with a lip colour of the same type. I've tried a lot of No7 products over the years as its a favourite of my Mum, and I'm always taken aback by the quality of the items. Although this brand is slightly more expensive than most in the drugstore (£9.00 for this blush), you get what you pay for and there's always deals and free gifts on offer.
One of my beauty goals this year was to branch out and try categories of make up that I don't gravitate towards, and with these two and the Nars blush in 'Orgasm', I feel like I'm making progress in the world of blusher.


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