Sunday 23 April 2017

The New-In Drawer

If there's one task I turn to if I want to chill myself out, its re-organising my Alex Drawers (I've only just realised how sad that sounds, but I'm sure some of you will relate). During my latest therapeutic sort-out, I decided to incorporate a 'new-in' drawer, since I constantly have new products that I need to trial and review, and shoving them in the back of other drawers occasionally leads me to forget about them. I thought it might be interesting to show you a few items from the drawer, as a little sneak peek of what I'm currently trying out, and what might feature over here during the next few weeks.
First up is a repurchase, but I know that the product had a rebrand, and let me tell you, I'm kinda in love with the revamp. The Urban Decay setting sprays cannot be beaten in terms of keeping your make up in place, I remember reviewing one a couple of years ago after I used it in Death Valley (one of the hottest places on Earth), and my makeup didn't slide. I know. This time I went for the travel size; the spray lasts forever and it seemed more economical to just buy the small version for now. So far, I love this just as much as the large version, and this only set me back £10. 

Next up is the bareMinerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lip Glosses, which I won't talk much about considering I have a lip swatch and review post scheduled, but man these are beautiful. Formula, colour range, pigmentation, you name it, this product has it. So much so that I went back and bought another one. You know how critical I can be of glosses, but these just hit the spot.
The Tropic 'Spotlight' highlighter was sent to me to review, and I have been absolutely loving it under my foundation for a light, natural glow. You can read my full thoughts on this product (and another Tropic Limited Edition summer addition) over here. As someone that usually gravitates toward powder highlights, I was surprised at how easily I took to this. I'm keeping it in the new-in drawer however, so it doesn't get lost in the chaos of my highlight drawer, which is a hot mess.

The Makeup Geek Plush Matte Lip Cream in Daredevil is a liquid crème lipstick that I was gifted at a blogger event, and when I saw how bold this colour was, my heart sank a little, as I don't usually stray much from the nude/mauve spectrum. I was also given a bright pink, which sadly is way too bold for me to pull off, but I tried Daredevil a couple of days ago and its a beautiful lilac. Not too neon or bold to be wearable; I am over the moon to have found a lilac that I feel comfortable wearing, so this is staying in my trial drawer for the foreseeable future.
Finally, for my 19th I received the Real Techniques Blush Brush, something I've had on my wish list for a long time. The Real Techniques brushes make up the majority of my collection, and since I don't own any other brushes that cater specifically to blush, this seemed like a good choice for an addition. So far I really like the way that this applies blush, but I still need to play around with it as I don't quite have the blush technique down. One thing I will mention though, it that this brush is incredibly soft, a factor that I find makes it much easier to apply a light layer of product. 

What products have you got lined up to try next?


  1. I LOVE sorting out and reorganising my Alex drawers too, it does take a long time though as there are 9 drawers! I like the sound of a 'new in' drawer, definitely going to try and make space for one next time I have a clear out, thanks for the great post!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. I love these sorts of posts! The Alex 5 drawer is definitely on my agenda to buy this summer.
    Becca //

  3. I love sorting out my Alex draws and makeup too! It really is calming haha! There are some great products here, I love that Blush brush!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. I always go for the travel sizes Urban Decay sprays. I love the sound of the de-slick spray, I usually pick up the All Nighter but think I might give that a go x

    Jodie /


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