Wednesday 19 April 2017

Tropic Shimmer Collection || Summer 2017*

You all know how much I adore my Tropic skincare routine, so when their PR contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out the new Summer launch of products, I practically jumped at the chance. I was sent the 'Spotlight' Cream Highlight* and the 'Summer Goddess' Shimmering Body Oil*, but I also know that they've released some sun protection products and deliciously scented shower gels. If summery products tickle your fancy, you can check out the whole collection over here.

Let's start with the cream Highlight, which retails for £18 and is described on the website as a "soft shimmer highlighter to brighten and illuminate your complexion, while enhancing cheekbones and creating a dewy glow". I'm usually much more of a powder highlight girl, I find them easier to apply and sometimes I find that cream/liquid highlights are too intense for the natural look that I prefer. Spotlight is perfect for pale complexions, a pale pink shimmer that looks beautiful underneath or over foundation for a soft glow. I like that this works well under my base if I want a natural look, as a lot of creams don't blend into foundation well. This is an expensive highlight, but you don't get any texture (it contains Vitamin E for moisture) which is a major bonus, and it feels lovely on the cheeks. I would label this as a less intense and more wearable version of High Beam by Benefit, and although it isn't it's primary use, this also looks gorgeous dabbed onto the eyelids!

The Shimmering Body Oil (£28) is by far what I was most excited to try out, considering I've never played with a product like this before. You apply the body oil onto your skin and massage until the oil sinks in - I was worried that this might give my arms and legs the glittery disco ball effect, but in reality it just leaves a gorgeous summery shimmer that looks amazing for a night out or on holiday. A little amount goes a long way, which is ideal since the price is quite high, and it smells incredible. The oil has "scents from Tahitian and bourbon vanilla", and whilst this isn't sickly, it does leave a subtly sweet scent on your skin, like the summery sun cream scent you associate with the beach. Another element that I love is that it doesn't leave your skin feeling tacky or oily like some body oils would, but just adds moisture so that you can get away without your typical body butter/cream. This product would make a lovely gift for someone spending time in the sun in the upcoming months, and you need to catch it quick as this beauty is a limited edition product.

Thank you to the team at Tropic for giving me a glimpse inside the new summer collection; I'm so impressed, particularly as I've never trialled their makeup range before. If you're looking for a couple of new additions to your routine to spice things up for summer, then I'm confident that you'll love these items.

*These products were sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own.



  1. These look like such great products, especially the body oil! xx

  2. Great review on Tropic Skincare products.


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