Thursday 28 August 2014

My Current Shoe Wishlist

Today I will be showing you some shoes that I would love to have in my closet!

1. The first pair of shoes is a pair of  black Chelsea Ankle Boots from Next, costing £60. I love ankle boots in the autumn, especially when paired with a shorter pair of jeans. You can buy these shoes here.
2. The second pair of shoes on my wishlist is a pair of creepers from an online shop called Oasap. They are designed to look like cats, and since I love cats, I have obviously fallen in love with these shoes. I don't own a pair of creepers, but this pair is one I have been eyeing for a good while (ever since I saw CutiePieMarzia from youtube haul them!) They are £30.03 and you can buy them here.
3. I LOVE this pair of rose coloured Vans. I wear sneakers almost every day for comfort, so I love to find new designs and colours. These shoes cost £47 and you can buy them here.

4. This is a new pair of Taylor Swift Keds, titled 'Sneaky Cat'. The shoes are set for release in October, to accompany her new album, and feature the date of Taylor's birthday on the heel, as well as a cat on the side of the shoe. At the moment these are only shown on the US website for $55, but I'm hoping that they will become available in the UK as well. You can view them here.
5. My final pair of wishlist shoes is the most expensive pair on the list, and one that has been on my wishlist for years and years. As a lover of country music, I am desperate to get my hands on a pair of authentic cowboy boots. This pair from R.Soles is my favourite at the moment, but in truth I would most like to purchase a pair from Nashville, as I plan to take a trip there someday. This pair is £295 and is a classic brown cowboy boot. You can buy them here.
So that's my shoe wishlist! What shoes do you wish would land on your doorstep?
Emily xoxo

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