Wednesday 23 September 2015

13 Reasons to Be Excited About Autumn

Guys. *Excited squeals* I can feel in it my bones (and also my toes, which are getting colder and colder by the minute) - we're about to receive a shedload of Autumny goodness and I couldn't be more happy to chill out by the fire and soak it all in. My favourite season is upon us, and I'm about to tell you just why I am so damn excited.

1. Dark lip colours
Oh deary me what a fun time of year this is for make up. No mid summer panics about foundation gradually sliding off your skin (although lets face it, when does it ever get hot enough to do that in England) and a ton of new berry and copper tones to add to your collection. My favourites for this time of year, lipwise, are 'Black Cherry' by Revlon or 'Wine' by Jack Wills.

2. Fairy lights and room décor
Lads, its time to get super cosy. At the moment I have a lantern on one side of my bed, this gorgeous light up E from RocketandRye on the other side, and fairy lights strung up above my headboard. I'm telling you, doing fairy lights halfway isn't doing them at all. Lighting up your room after a long day and chilling in your own little wonderland is one of life's small graces - never underestimate how a £4 string of fairy lights from IKEA can change your life.

3. Going to sleep with the sound of rain hitting the roof
Tucked up nice and warm under the covers, cuddling your kitty, with that absolutely lovely sound of rain-on-roof. Could anything be nicer than that? Oh rain, I do love you (when you aren't frizzing up my hair on the way to college).

4. Hot Chocolates
Oh my goodness the peppermint type from Starbucks makes my heart sing. I've always loved making my own however, and settling down with a good book. In the cupboard and fridge downstairs I have my all time favourite hot chocolate tools: Cadbury's cocoa, Gingerbread syrup, whipped cream and that delightful Starbucks caramel drizzle sauce. All of the calories, all of the fun.

5. My docs
This is the first Autumn that my violet Doc Martens have seen, and I swear that I can hear them squealing with joy at the thought of crunching through leaves. I've wanted a pair of these boots for years, and now that I finally own them, I plan on getting my wear out of them.

6. The countdown begins
You bet your cotton socks I'm a Christmas lover. And when I say that, I mean I've had a playlist since the first of September and have already bought a couple of gifts. Nothing excites me more than the festive joy at this time of year, and I wait all year to start baking batches of gingerbread stars whilst belting out Mariah Carey at the top of my lungs. I must stop talking about Christmas now, or I'll almost start crying with happiness like I did to Harry yesterday whilst describing my Christmas day routine.

7. All of the OOTDS
Beanies, jumper dresses, primark cosy tights. This is the season of solid OOTDs, where everyone can layer up so much that you could practically be wearing every brand available on ASOS all at once. I hate being cold almost as much as I hate being too hot, so I take it as my personal quest to find the warmest outfits possible.

8. The autumnal hand sanitizers
This may sound weird, but have you ever smelt the Bath&Body Works seasonal hand sanitizers? Give me all of them, please, thankyou kindly. My personal favourites are 'Autumn days', which kind of captures that crisp, sunny scent when you walk out of the house on an October Tuesday, or 'Iced Gingerbread', which just smells like something I would very much like to eat (are you sensing a theme with the Gingerbread here?)

9. Reading
I'm ALWAYS a bookworm, and it isn't dependant on the season, but for some reason I just enjoy it most in the colder months, with poolside reading in a close second. I like to get all my college work done pretty early in the evening, so I can relax and read a book by the fire, and lose myself in the characters. I'm reading 'My True Love Gave to Me' at the moment, which contains 12 short stories from the very best young adult authors. Nothing like a Christmas themed book to aid the countdown.

10. Wiping the cobwebs from the classic board games
Well, I don't particularly get excited about wiping cobwebs (spiders be gone), but the timeless favourites like Cluedo and Monopoly cause me to clench my fists with excitement. My family and friends are constantly dragged to the dining room table in the Winter to play a couple of rounds of Banagrams whilst we all sip from our signature mugs, and I find myself glancing around the table often, wondering how on Earth I got blessed with such lovely humans.

11. Hot Water Bottles
YES YES YES. Give me all of your warmth, you fuzzy pockets of portable sunshine. Getting into bed with a hot water bottle is one of life's simplest pleasures, and one that I enjoy very much.

12. Long Baths
I say this, but if I stay in longer than 15 minutes I am almost sure to spontaneously combust. Baths are the quickest way for me to relax, and I love to pop in a bath salt or oil to spice it up and feel the extra benefit. I haven't had a Lush bath bomb in aaaages, but I think I might head on in and pick up a few to take my bathing experience to the next level - sorry, that definitely sounded weird.

13. Walks in the Dark
I love it when the days lose light at like 5pm, and you can take a chilly walk on the beach with the moon making cute reflections on the water. Those are the kind of nights that make you appreciate living by the sea.

Writing this post has made me 100000000 times more excited for the fast approaching season, and I can't wait to share more Autumnal/Winter posts with you! What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
Stay beautiful!
Emily xo


  1. After reading this post I can now say that I am 10x more looking forward to Autumn than I already was! Great post x

    1. Thankyou! I love Autumn, its a crazy exciting season!

  2. Listening to the rain while snuggling with my boyfriend and cat, reading books in the bath and hot chocolates are definitely up there :) x

    1. I love it when I know I don't have to go out anywhere :) I'm crap at layers :P x

  3. You just reminded me that i have to dig out my hot water bottle =] woo

  4. Great list! There's nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of rain! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Agreed, its so satisfying to hear the rain! Although I do get worried thinking about all the stray cats alone in the rain!
      Emily xo


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