Sunday 15 May 2016

Building a Travel Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is something I've wanted to get into for years - when I was in primary school, one of my favourite pastimes was card-making (I know, you can laugh), so I've accumulated a lot of bits and bobs that would make a scrapbook come to life. I think the whole scrapbook scenario can be quite daunting when you don't have a specific topic and you're faced with mountains of polaroids and no theme to sort them into, so when I received this beautiful travel book from my friend Hannah for my 18th, I was determined to finally put into action something I've wanted to do for a while.
The scrapbook is honestly such an amazing gift to give someone who enjoys city breaks and has a sentimental streak - if you want to check out the book that I was given and others as well, check the link here.  You could even make one for your significant other and surprise them with a lasting memory of all your adventures together.

Until I go on more trips with Harry, this book will remain quite empty, but I thought I'd show you my progress with the first double spread about Amsterdam (I did a full post on Amsterdam back in February.) Although this book is specifically just for photos, I had a few tickets and tokens that I thought would look perfect to layer it all up and create that scrapbook vibe. On the first page I placed the Anne Frank House ticket, a tram and bus ticket that got us through the trip, a polaroid taken at our favourite spot and a cut out of a little paper bag that we bought souvenirs in. On the other side of the double page I stuck a train ticket from the airport, a postcard I picked up whilst drinking cocktails in the Hard Rock Café, another polaroid and a 50 cent coin that I had left over from the trip. I layered up the pages with coloured card and patterned paper, and used ribbons and buttons to make the whole thing a bit more mismatched and loved. 
I'm over the moon with how these pages turned out, and can't wait to add to the book in years to come (I'm hoping that in the next couple of years there will be a page dedicated to Disneyland Paris - fingers crossed!) A scrapbook is such a beautiful way to display memories, instead of shoving everything into a drawer and forgetting it was ever there. When you go to a lot of different cities you forget the little memories about each specific one, so its nice to have a constant reminder of all the small things.
What would you scrapbook about?
P.S. I'm sorry for being MIA lately, A Levels are rapidly approaching and I'm finding it so difficult to keep up with social media. If you're sitting exams like me, I wish you the very best of luck - you got this!


  1. I've wanted to do a travel scrape book for so long and am hoping to start with my holiday this summer and this has given me some ideas on how to start! Good luck with you exams too! I have GCSEs this year :(

  2. I'm such a sentimental person so I love keeping travel scrapbooks too! Yours looks lovely! I posted some photos of mine from last summer on my blog ( :)

    Sophie x

  3. This is such a nice idea! I think need to make a scrapbook :o

  4. Such a sweet idea, even though it's not a new one! We are so tech orientated that we hardly ever have any real keep-sakes like this anymore. I love it. Thanks for sharing!



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