Wednesday 25 May 2016

MAC Lipstick Collection

At what point do you even start considering your MAC stash as a collection? I just don't know. What I do know is that for now, I'm happy with the selection of MAC lippies I have in my organiser; there won't be more additions any time soon, so now seems like as perfect time as any to write about them. I only own six (which is ridiculously small compared to some collections) but that means I use all of them regularly, which works out as a good investment. If you're looking for some recommendations of neons and bold shades then you won't find them here, eek! For the most part I focus on the nude shades, since they're the colours I gravitate to most.

Left to right: Yash, Mehr, Spirit, Patisserie, Whirl, Stone.
I thought I'd talk about the lipsticks in the order that I bought them - a couple of years ago after my sixteenth birthday I purchased my first high end products, including Mehr, which is a matte lipstick (almost all of these are matte) in a deep pink shade. It has a nude undertone to it, which is why I love it as I don't usually go for pinks. One thing I will say is that, as with all the matte products, I find them a bit drying without lip balm underneath, but if you make sure to hydrate your lips then you're good to go, and Mehr is a beautiful Spring shade to brighten up an outfit or make up look.
When I visited Cambridge my Dad let me pick out a lipstick as a Souvenir (that's how you know you're a beauty blogger - souvenirs start to become make up items and not snow globes and keychains), and I chose Spirit, the prettiest brown nude that I've found. It's my go-to for nights out because its long lasting and wine-proof, and I feel like its so underrated, in my opinion this is much more of a classic shade than Velvet Teddy, which to be honest doesn't really sit well on my lips when I've swatched it in the store.
My third shade was bought for me by Harry in London; I'd literally been coveting Whirl for months on end until I think he got bored of me searching for swatches on Pinterest. Whirl is most similar to Spirit, its just a little bit of a deeper colour, with red undertones. This is probably the closet I usually get to a red lip, since I haven't yet found my forever red. The lippie I went for after Whirl was Stone, the boldest in my collection as a dark grey lip shade that made my Mum freak out a bit (and I won't lie, me as well!) Its a gorgeous colour, and even though I might be too scared to wear it too much yet, one day I'll conquer it. After taking these photos I actually dropped Stone and smushed it...moment of silence please.
Yash is my go-to everyday shade, a nude-beige that gives a put together look to any outfit, and out of all of these matte shades sits the best with no drying out. If I was to recommend a first MAC lipstick to anyone, especially a matte one, it would definitely be Yash - although Spirit is my forever love, Yash is so subtle that if you're a bit wary and want to play it safe but still pretty, its the right pick.
My final lipstick was given to me by my little Sister for Christmas, and is my first non-matte formula. Patisserie (I squeal every time at the cuteness of that name) is a pink lustre finish, and if I do splash out again on one of these lipsticks then I know it will have to be of this finish - I love it so much! The coverage is more sheer, and this shade is the 'your lips but better' colour that almost appears like a gloss or a pigmented tinted balm. For me this is a staple, since it isn't at all drying and good for days when I'm hardly wearing any make up.  

Left to right: Patisserie, Yash, Mehr, Spirit, Whirl, Stone.
What would you suggest would fit in next with my other shades? And what's your all time favourite from MAC?


  1. This is great! Whirl and Mehr are on my Hitlist next up. Might try pick up one (or two) when I pas through duty free on Sunday.

    Great Post, keep up the good work.

    Melissa |

    P.S. I love the way you swatched them, I might try that! I bet it's so much easier than on the arm and holding still so the camera can focus! ;)

  2. Spirit looks really nice! I had Mehr which is my go to daily nude. I absolutely love it, but am always looking to update my lipstick collection!

  3. I'm so in love with MAC! I only have two lipsticks but I will expand my collection soon!

    Sara C.


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