Sunday 14 August 2016

Recent Purchases || A (mostly) Sephora Haul

If you ever travel to a city with a Sephora, am I right in saying that it would be a crime not to have a lil nosy? I think I'm right. Although European Sephora's don't often get the full extent of the American catalogue, I think that the range of beauty treats available is pretty good, and some of my favourite things to pick up whenever I go are the Sephora items anyway. The own brand products are extremely reasonable in price, and since I now own quite a few bits I can say that the quality is well worth what you pay. I picked up a couple of items in the Prague store to show to you guys, and I'm so happy with these items now that I've got them home and tried them out. I also bought a right old gem in a random make up shop in Germany, but we'll get to that later.

I'm going to be honest here, my sister and I walked around the shop for over an hour, checking out all the items we hadn't seen anywhere before. I was immediately captivated by these 'Wonderful Cushion' Matte Lip Creams, since they seemed to have a similar marketing niche to the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, which I've been all about in the last couple of months. The colour variety with this product wasn't huge, but I settled for 'Wonderful Rosy', a perfect pink nude that applies easily and lasts for hours. It's a comfortable matte that doesn't dry out the lips, and the sponge tip makes it much easier to avoid wasting product. I completely love this product, and although I don't think I would venture into many of the other shades (as I'm a bit of a bold lip wimp), I would 100% recommend you picking one of these up if you ever pass a Sephora. This works out at just over £6, which is a right steal if you ask me. 
The other Sephora product that stood out to me was the 'Colourful Blush' in shade 16, 'Heated'. I love the Sephora blushes, I think the colour pay off is brilliant and the shade range is right up my street. I've found a few MAC dupes in there over the years, and I was eager to add this one to my collection because to me, the shade seems a lot like NARS Orgasm, but without the flurry of gold flecks. I own the Orgasm Multiple and adore it, but for days when I'm using a separate highlighting product I wanted a blush like this one that won't sparkle, but will have the same rose colour to it. This blush is such a holy grail item that only costs £11, which isn't bad at all for such a high quality product.
If you've ever been to Germany (or possibly other European countries, I'm not entirely sure where the
stores are located), you might have come across a beauty shop called Flormar. When I went inside whilst I waited for my sister, I thought the shop had a really similar layout and product range to Kiko, and I picked up this 'Pearly White' eye shadow, which actually works as a super beautiful highlight. It is so stunning on top of High Beam to make your cheekbones pop, and even though I was skeptical since this isn't a product intended for highlighting, I can't fault it in any way, especially as it only cost me about £1.50. In the past I've never experimented with using beauty items for anything different that what they're intended for, but this eye shadow has changed my scepticism and I think I'll try to find multiple uses for products in the future.
Have you tried any of these products, and what are your Sephora favourites?


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  1. The lip product looks amazing, so interesting and new and different to anything I've seen :)
    Kathy x


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