Thursday 31 December 2015

What I Learned in 2015

The big 2016 is upon us, and tonight's celebration preparations are well under way - it's NYE, and what better way to celebrate than reminiscing over lessons learned in the past 12 months. It's been a crazy one, filled with heartbreak and happiness, and I can't believe how different I am to the girl that began 2015 naively. I did one of these posts last year if you want to check it out here.
1. Nothing calms the soul like a to-do list.
Literally if I'm having a crazy or stressful day, there is no better remedy than taking a few minutes, grabbing a hot chocolate and a notebook, and jotting down everything that needs to be done. The first time I did this I was super anxious about some exams and when I was going to fit time in to study everything, but I wrote it all down, sectioned it into times and days, and voila! A solution was born. Plus, is there a better feeling than looking at your list and being able to check off a few boxes? I don't think so.
2. You don't belong in just one box, and evolving is not a bit deal.
This one is slightly tricky to explain, but I'll attempt anyway. I think sometimes you reach a point where you feel a bit trapped; there's nowhere else to go in the current circle you're running in, and you have to make a change (however big or small) to find some peace of mind. It could be the colour of your hair, the sports you play, your friendships - I think I've learned that its completely fine to change things, as long as you take consideration when doing so. Once you've made the change, there's nothing to say that you can't go back either. We can dabble in so many different things without being restricted to just one or two. Expand your mind, and expand your horizons!
3. Nude lipsticks are
2015 has definitely been the year where I've moved on from dark lips (although I still love them, don't you worry), and onto the nudes. I adore them, and have spent a lot of $$$ this year picking them up wherever I go. My current favourites are the brown nudes from MAC and NYX, particularly 'Spirit' and 'Abu Dhabi'; I just find them perfect because there isn't as much fear of smudging, and they look downplayed and classy with a heavy eye makeup look.
4. Retainers come in a protective case for a reason.
I sat on mine. Explanation not needed. Big orthodontist bills to come.
5. Loving someone means nothing if they treat you badly.
I want to knock myself over the head with an umbrella when I think about some of the bad choices I've made this year. Just because someone says the three little words that every gal dreams of hearing, it doesn't automatically make you some kind of mindless robot that has to obey every wish that they command (you ain't no genie, you're a strong independent woman). Have you ever seen that quote that says "If he's making you cry all the time, you have to question whether you're dating a human or an onion"? If he's an onion - BOLT. If he says he loves you but constantly puts you down, or doesn't treat you the way you deserve to be treated, then it isn't the kind of love you need to be looking for. You deserve a partner that brings you toast when you're hung-over, who takes ridiculous selfies with you because he knows you secretly love it, and who shows you that they love you instead of just saying it like its a chore. Phewf - rant over.
6. Honey mustard dip is really something else.
Last year I harped on about BBQ sauce, now I've discovered honey mustard and my life has changed indefinitely. So nice, I can't even put it into words. Fave combos = honey mustard and pizza crusts, honey mustard and chicken strips, honey mustard and everything ever.
7. Sleep and water are hella important.
I've been taking care of myself so much better in the latter half of 2015; drinking about 2-2.5 litres of water per day has cleared up my skin, helped me to feel much more awake, and just in general resulted in me feeling better about myself. I've also been sleeping a lot more, which has lead to a definite increase in productivity and less-grumpy me (pretty sure all my family are thankful for this change as well.) It's almost time to board the train to adulthood, and since my parents no longer place drinks in front of me and give me a strict bedtime, I have to take control of the wheel and make sure my body is healthy and ready to take on 2016 (are you feeling motivated yet?)
8. Life in polaroids looks so much cuter.
One of my favourite things about my bedroom is the wall of polaroids I've taken this year with my instax mini. There's something so special about the little photos, and knowing that they're completely unique and not just a 100th copy from a digital camera. The apps that let you print polaroids from your phone are great as well - I'm honestly swimming in polaroid photos from the amount I've taken and printed off this year!
What lessons have you learned this year? Happy New Years Eve everyone!
Em xo



  1. To do lists really do make me feel better about life! I love polaroids, too!

    Happy NY :)
    Georgia x| Bloglovin

    1. HNY to you also! I'm obsessed with to do lists and polaroids - two of my favourite things :) Em xo

  2. To do lists are so calming, even if you haven't checked anything off yet it feels so much better to have everything written down :) Completely agree about sleep and water as well xx

    1. Agreed, nothing chills me out like a to do list!
      Em xo

  3. Nude lipsticks are my favourite!
    Charlotte //

  4. I couldn't agree with you more about to do lists, they are calming and then I just know exactly what I need to do.
    Alicia :)


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