Thursday 15 June 2017

I Write For A Newspaper!

By far, one of my favourite things about university has been joining a writing society. It occurred to me yesterday that I've never spoken about it before over here, which makes little sense considering that this is just another platform I use for writing.
The Gryphon is the University of Leeds Newspaper, and I'll never get over the thrill I get at seeing my words in an actual newspaper. So exciting. I thought I'd add links in this post to all of my articles (since they're all posted online as well as some in print), so you can have a read if you fancy. I don't tend to stick to one genre; I write for the 'Blogs' section of the newspaper, which is essentially an opinionated mish mash of anything you're passionate about. Its ideal!
Essentially, discussing the power of an era of beauty and lifestyle bloggers, and how we're often stereotyped unfairly. Probably the article of most relevance to my blog, and definitely one that I'm proud of. GIRL POWER.
I think, as writers, we're all a little bit attached to the tendency to over-think things. Here I talked about why that's not necessarily a negative thing, if we train ourselves to think of our minds in a more positive light.
I'm more than a little attached to paperbacks. Enough said. 

The closure of the South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria sparked an article surrounding the morality of zoos, and how we commoditize wild animals for our own gain. This one is a bit of rant!
Without a doubt, this is my favourite article that I've written, and if I was going to point you in the direction of any of these, it would be this one. A controversial topic among bloggers and vloggers, but one that needs to be considered since it has such a direct impact, and one that is very close to my heart.

As a geography student (and a human), Trump's withdrawal from the climate agreement wound me up. This is my first attempt at a political article, something I was hesitant to write, considering I'm much more of a non-factual, opinionated writer.

I plan to keep updating you guys on my articles if you fancy reading them, either by renewing this post, or sequential posting. I'm so excited to continue writing for the paper in my second year, especially as I'm the online editor for 2017/18!


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