Thursday 7 August 2014

Color Tattoo Maybelline Review


You may have seen these in your local drugstore, or heard about them in many a review. These babies are the 24 Hour Color Tattoo cream eye shadows by Maybelline, and they are practically my favourite item in my make up drawer. Each eye shadow is usually around the price of £4.99, and they are worth every penny. I have tried to use eye shadow a lot over the years, but I have yet to find one that is as easy to use as this one. I literally don't even need a mirror to apply it, I just sweep it over my eyelids and I'm ready to go. For a more dramatic look I make the shadow darker on the inner corner and then work outwards.

I was surprised at how pigmented these cream shadows were. For such a good price, I expected a hint of colour, and maybe a little bit of sparkle, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was even prepared to only use them as a base, but I quickly learned that all I needed was a swipe of the shadow to get the effect that I wanted. I'm not big on bold eye shadow, because I feel like it makes me look like something I'm not, and the subtlety of this shadow is great, because whilst it adds extra dimension to my eyes it doesn't leave me feeling as though my eyes are barely recognisable. My favourite colour is 'On and on Bronze', which is the shade I use most days, and the shadow I always use for school. It is a metallic bronze colour, and since I always tend to go for brown eye shadows it was the best shade for me. I also own 'Immortal Charcoal' and 'Pink Gold'. Immortal charcoal is a shade I use more for when I'm going out, and also in the winter when my make up tends to get a bit darker. Pink Gold is a summery shade, which I take on holiday with me and also when going on day trips with friends. Although it isn't the shade that I like best on my eyes, it is probably my most loved colour of the three, because I adore the colour pink.

I'm so happy to have found these cream shadows, because they have become one of my everyday makeup products and are an ideal candidate for a product that needs to be applied quickly and easily. Five stars.

This is a scheduled post, and when you read it I'll be in Barcelona. I am extremely excited because they have a Sephora, which we don't have over here! EEEEEP!

Emily xoxo


  1. Great review! :) I have always wanted to try these.
    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! More info here:

    1. Thankyou for commenting and for the nomination! You should definitely 100% try them :)


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