Saturday 27 September 2014

A Little Treat

Hi everybody, happy Saturday!
Today I have time to blog, which makes me so very, very excited!
I was in Waitrose today with my Mum and I picked up some really yummy treats, so I thought I'd share them with you (well, virtually share them.)

If you've ever watched Zoella's vlogs then you might have heard her talk about these pots before. Every time I see her talk about them I want to try them, so today I picked one up. It's a chilled chocolate orange dessert, contained in a coral ceramic pot that you can reuse (I think this would make a great earring-holder!)

The second item is the most exciting, and the one I seriously can't wait to eat. One of my favourite foods is macarons, but because hardly anywhere sells them, and when they do they're usually super expensive, when I see them I absolutely have to get them! These ones are strawberry, and I'm actually eating one as I write this. If you've never tried macarons, please do - the passionfruit ones are AMAZING.

This was a slightly strange post, but I really wanted to write it, so I did! See you soon!

Emily xoxo

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