Friday 5 September 2014

Stila Lip Glazes Review

After months and months of seeing Stila Lip Glazes all over the internet, last winter I purchased a few. I waited to order the winter shades, because I tend to wear more lip colour in the winter, whilst in the summer I usually just wear moisturising lip balm and chapstick.

I own Lip Glazes in the shades Jingle, Black Cherry, Sugar Plum, Splendour, Jack Frost, Holly, Jolly, and Joy. My favourite shades are Sugar Plum and Jolly.
The Lip Glazes are a weird product in my opinion, and I can't quite decide if I really like them. I do like how each colour comes through as it looks in the tube, instead of being completely colourless when put on the lips (like a lot of lip products). You twist the bottom of the plastic tube to push the lip gloss onto the brush, which you then use to apply the gloss onto your lips. I like this technique of dispersing the gloss, because you never accidentally get too much lipgloss out, which is a nightmare when it happens with other lip products.

The downside to these lip glosses is how sticky they are. This is the reason I choose not to wear them a lot of the time. Most lip glosses are relatively sticky I know, but this is extreme. You can't really wear your hair down when wearing the gloss, because your hair just sticks to your lips like crazy. For me, having overly sticky lips isn't something I enjoy, and so this aspect of the Lip Glazes is quite a problem.

Since these products are quite pricey, I wouldn't suggest buying lots at once (even though I did get these in a set) as they aren't something I feel everyone would enjoy. I love some of Stila's other products, like the Smudge Pots, but these lip glosses just aren't really for me.

Emily xoxo


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