Sunday 11 October 2015

My Best Fashion Find This Year

I am EXTREMELY excited to share this post with you guys! The title is intriguing is it not?!
Basically, I've found a dupe for Topshop's Plunge V Neck Cami (here) that everyone raves over. The Topshop version however pretty it might be, isn't right for my body shape, and that honestly saddened me a lot before I found this dupe. New Look have released a range of Double Strap Layered Camis (here) which I think look super similar to the Topshop cami - and, its £3 cheaper! That might not seem like a lot, but when you plan to buy a TON of colours like I do, it adds up. 
I wanted to show you how versatile the shirts are, so I put together a casual and a dressy outfit for you to see what I mean. In the first outfit I paired it with a pair of Damask Velvet patterned pants from Forever21, which are so beautiful and were a steal for £14 (I think). If I was actually leaving the house I'd probably throw on a black leather jacket or a white cardigan for warmth, and a pair of black flats. In the second outfit I paired the white cami with a Pelmet skirt from Urban Outfitters, that I bought in the sale a while back and is surprisingly warm. 
This fashion find made my whole day when I discovered it, and I can't wait to order more colours. Especially because - top tip - when you use student discount the cami only costs £11.70!
Are you a lover of basic camis like I am? 
Emily xoxo

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