Wednesday 20 July 2016

Glossybox Double Unboxing and Process Review

In the past, I've been a bit sceptical of the whole subscription box scenario that swept in many moons ago and left us all craving that little parcel on our doorstep. When I was 16 my Mum bought me a Glossybox subscription as a treat throughout my GCSEs, and at the time the idea of five beauty products delivered to my door every month seemed like the best and most innovative idea in the world. Flash forward to a year later, and half the stuff I had received went out with the Spring Clean - I mean, who really needs a glittery lotion that smells a bit off, or yet another waterproof mascara when reality check, a normal formula mascara will do much more nicely thank you very much.
Now, beauty boxes have expanded in variety, and it isn't just beauty subscriptions taking the market by storm (hello there pet boxes, I see you and I appreciate you.) I thought that whilst Glossybox had a pretty darn good deal on their subscriptions (£10 per month usually, but with a student discount and an extra free box on the side, worked out at £11 for two boxes including delivery) I would look at the process again with a more open mind, and fully review it for you guys. I also looked at Birchbox, but ended up staying true to my Glossy roots and taking the July box for a spin. As I've grown up, I've become more aware of trying new products out and embracing new concepts, so with that in mind I thought I might get more use out of the products this time around.


My order took around three days to arrive, but that was because the July box was up and running when I placed my order. The delivery was smooth (none of that stupid Hermes malarkey) and the packages arrived unscathed, so there isn't any faults that I can find with the delivery and ordering process.
The first product to jump out at me in the actual July box was this gorgeous F20 brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics (£11.95); hot pink brushes are the way forward from here on out, are we agreed? The bristles are soft and this brush works wonders for buffing and applying foundation - when I unwrapped this beauty, I knew it was a pretty good start to the box. The risk here though, is that there is often one good product, and a few 'duds' to follow. In July's box luckily, for me there is only one thorn among the roses, so we might as well get that one over with - the Icona Milano Emotion Allowed mascara (£13) seems decent on first glance, but my eyelashes hate me every time I apply a waterproof mascara, so in that light I've had to pass this product on.

The Hairon Detangling Brush is an exciting addition, its a cheaper (£6.99) alternative to a Tangle Teezer, and as far as I can tell, does just as good of a job. Fair play Glossybox. Although a Soft and Gentle deodorant (£2.99) is not the most exciting product in the world, I do appreciate practicality, and if I hadn't received a new deodorant in this box then I would have had to buy one myself, so I consider this money saved, and therefore a win. Finally in the first box I got a Utan Face Gradual Tanner, which I was over the moon about since me and my mum prowled the aisles of Boots just a couple of weeks ago looking for a reasonable face tanner and came home empty handed. Yet another product that I will definitely use, so overall this box is what I would consider to be a good one, regardless of the one miss. I know that another product people may have received in their boxes was a Hawaiian Tropic Berry Lipgloss, and if that had been swapped for the mascara, I know this box would have been complete.
In the 'free box' I got some definite winners - the Hawaiian Tropic sun tan lotion will be perfect for Vienna in a few days time, and since I've had this brand before I can reveal that the lotion does in fact work. I'm not about those faux lotions that actually protect you from nothing at all. The Emite Lip Stain will be lovely to try out and layer under a gloss, and after trying it out I would definitely compare it to Benetint, although a little more on the pink side. I've had spiral hair ties before, so I was over the moon to find some pink (pink!) ones in the box from Hairon, and I do tend to go for more subtle nail polish shades, so this Khaki one from Nails Inc will do the job nicely. The only dud in this box, which was just not photographing well, was a Konjac sponge, something that I know nothing about and honestly am not likely to use, but have again passed on.
Its obviously difficult for a company to pick products that will suit every customers wishes (although Glossy seem to be doing that a bit more for the August box, by letting you pick the shades in your MUA palette), and at the end of the day, despite the fact that I will use most of these products and enjoy the surprise aspect of the box, I have to ask myself whether I would prefer to use my £11 and spend it on an item that I've wanted for a while. It's a tough task to reach a verdict on beauty boxes, but if you go into beauty with the idea of trying out new products, then I do think GB is a good way to go, and you really can't fault the customer service or delivery process.
What do you think of subscription boxes?



  1. You got some great products out of your Glossybox & i love your blog!

    Vicky x | Vixella Beauty

  2. I would be on these subscription boxes in a heartbeat if they were available in NZ as it seems like you get to try such amazing products for a great price :)
    Kathy x

  3. I am still in 2 minds about getting a subscription. I've heard so many mixed reviews and about BB and GB and I'm still not sure haha! I think I will have to take the plunge soon!!

    I am totally with you on the waterproof mascara front, I really don't like it and it's horrible to try and remove! I really like the idea of the Hairon Detangling Brush - it seems much more affordable than the Tangle Teezer :)

    Great post!

    Tania | teabee x


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