Wednesday 27 July 2016

Two Years of Blogging || A Reflection

 How has it been two years ago that I sat down and pressed publish on my first blog post? And how have I written over 200 of them since?! *Excuse me whilst I have a mini meltdown because life is moving too fast and oh gosh, university and adulthood awaits*
This past year has allowed ASD to evolve into what I imagined that it could be, and to make a serious amount of progress with my blog photography (who knew that a sheet of marble sticky back plastic from Wilkos could be the turning point for major change?) and also in the way of promoting my posts and interacting with other bloggers. Meeting new people is scary at the best of times, but to go to a meet up with such talented gals makes it even more intimidating -its a good thing you're all friendly! Never in a million years did I imagine that I could get up and go to an event with no comfort blanket or familiarity to rely on, but now its getting easier and easier with every event I go to. This past year I've attended NWMeet, NWMeet2.0, and was even invited to the Clothes Show and treated extra specially with treats and my own lanyard (whaaaaat - its the little things.)
When I first set up my blog, I just wanted to have a record of my beauty reviews and thoughts, and I never imagined it would be something that brands might want to get involved with, so to participate in collabs was an unexpected surprise. Thank you to the brands who have taken a chance on me this past year, I like you a whole lot and you're pretty darn cool. In regards to anyone that reads my little blog, you definitely fall into that category as well; blogging isn't about numbers, and it shouldn't ever feel like a competition, but logging into my account and seeing a blog comment makes my day.
In regards to blogging goals for the next year, I don't know what to say, because at the moment my future is a bit on the unknown side of things. I have no idea whether my university halls will have good lighting for photography, or how I'm going to scrounge enough $$$ to pay for all the beauty items that I want to review. I plan on taking bulk photos in the month leading up to leaving, but if I get there and there's a lovely desk underneath a window, I'll be a very happy bunny. If you go to university or have graduated and have experience of blogging away from home, I'd love some tips or advice! I'm planning on blogging to the best ability that I can whilst I'm in halls, but the whole process seems so unknown that I have no idea what to expect.
What has blogging brought to your life in the past year, and where do you see it going for yourself in the future?
Thank you to the moon and back for reading this rambly post and all the others that have gone up in the last two years! Here's to many more, *clinks glasses*


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  1. Two years is amazing and such a milestone! I only started reading your blog in the past few months and your blog posts continues to keep me reading so great work :) x
    Kathy x


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