Sunday 24 July 2016

The Nine Item Make Up Bag

Technically, this was supposed to be a 'ten things' post, but I got to editing these photos and realised that despite my maths GCSE, I only picked nine. Four for you Glen Coco. 
Even though I would consider myself a make up hoarder, in reality I could probably pick out nine items and be content with life. I thought I'd show you my top nine items that I would take with me to a desert island (scrap that, who would wear make up in the desert?)
Now obviously a primer is essential - I can't get through the day without a primer to minimise shine, and the NYX Angel Veil is the crème de la crème, I think its better than MAC primers and without a doubt worth the £12 that you pay. I wear this everyday and its lasted me months, with still a lot of product left, so I would consider this a worthwhile investment for the nine item make up bag. Plus, white and pink packaging? It's got photogenic written all over it.
I'll skip foundation, since I hardly wear it on a day to day basis, and head straight to concealer. I love my MAC Pro Longwear, I do, but you can't control how much product you get as much as you can with the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer, which has amazing coverage and stays put all day without creasing. If you want a cheap, long lasting concealer with a suitable light shade, this is a good one to pick.
Next is the Multi Task brush by Real Techniques, which I can stretch to covering powder, bronzer and highlight all in one use (it lives up to its name to say the least.) Obviously, long time readers will know that I couldn't go anywhere without my precious Laguna, which is honestly my favourite make up item of all time. The subtle shimmer and the compromise between a warm and cool toned bronze make this the perfect choice. The packaging is also super cute, who else is captivated by smooth matte black packaging? I know I am.
As for highlight, it's got to be High Beam. The pearly shimmer is so beautiful on the cheekbones, and it works well without a foundation base, which is what I look for in a highlight. This may only fall second to a highlight that I'm hoping to pick up on holiday, which I tried a few weeks ago and absolutely fell for (more on that after my trip to Duty Free on Sunday!) Back to the subject at hand, High Beam is a brilliant first highlight to go for, as the glow can't be seen from outer space, but is definitely noticeable.
Eye make up wise I'm leaving it simple, since nine items isn't enough to guarantee a killer smoky eye. The 'Liner Feutre'  by Bourjois is hands down the best drugstore eyeliner to use for a wing, and believe me, I've trialled many. I used to be obsessed with Master Precise by Maybelline, but that dried out waaay too quickly for my liking, and I promise that this one from Bourjois is much better. Also from Bourjois (killing it on the eye products lately) I'm taking my 'Push up Glamour' mascara, surprise surprise. If you want length, volume and sleek packaging, this is 100% the mascara you want to put in your Boots basket.
Last but not least, lip products. It would be irresponsible of me not to put a balm in the nine item make up bag, so the Kiko Kiss Balm in Coconut makes the cut. It's my favourite lip balm of all time - looks like a gloss but feels like a balm, and has the best range of flavours known to lip balms. My MAC lipstick in 'Yash' is my go-to nude lipstick (and I feel like its totally underrated) to complete any look; I've almost used half up, and I only got it a couple of months ago!
What items would you put in your make up bag? Have you tried any of these?


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