Thursday 30 March 2017

March Favourites

It excites me on a high level to have brought back the 'favourites' series to my blog; there's nothing that makes my beauty blogger heart flutter more than adding a product to the top of my Alex drawers in the knowledge that it's going to make it into this post. There's something about the little things like finding an item that works just right. Speaking of things going just right, there's definitely room on my blog for a chatty post in the next couple of weeks. Keep those eyes peeled.

Ever since I hit teenager status (almost six years ago now like what), my go-to face powder has been the clich√© Rimmel Stay Matte. Aside from a traumatising drift over to a Max Factor alternative that smelled, well quite frankly, like crap, I've stayed faithful, mainly due to fear. In a sporadic moment of spontaneity I picked up the 'One Heck of a Blot' face powder from Soap and Glory, and holy moly this stuff is delightful. It doesn't have a strong scent (thank goodness), and mattifies my skin to a point that other powders never have. I like the sleek packaging, and I barely have to top up throughout the day. From start to beginning, this has been a dream. LOVE.
Obviously a periodic shoutout to the only moisturiser I trust on my skin is in order now and again - Olay Beauty Fluid you're an absolute gem and I'd be a little bit more lost in this world without you. No really, I do feel this strongly about a moisturiser. My Mum bought this for me a few years ago and I must be on my fourth bottle right now. If you want a light daily moisturiser but nothing that clings, this is your gal, and its so darn affordable as well.
Sticking to the theme of moisture, I've been loving my vanilla EOS lip balm, which has a seriously cool shape to it and a knack of completely reversing the dry state that my lips often find themselves in. I had an allergic reaction around Christmas and I did think for a while that this was the product to blame, but I've ruled it out so its back to business in my make up bag.
It will come as no surprise that the Colourpop lip glosses are on here; I've been using them every single day (I kid you not), and its becoming unfair on all the other lip products in my drawer. My top three are 'Sugar Lips', 'Fairy Floss' and 'Aquarius', with Aquarius being my favourite gloss of all time. I adore the non-sticky formula of these, and this particular one is the perfect everyday nude pink gloss. I will rave about these for as long as I possibly can, and they're definitely the top product in this post.
Lastly, I received a marble eye brush from Spectrum in a Birchbox last month, a brand I've known about for the longest time but have never tried. I love the design of these, the brushes are so chic and the ideal shape to blend shadow when I'm creating a smokey eye. I don't talk about brushes a lot over here, they aren't a product that necessarily excites me, but I'm 100% a Spectrum convert after trying this. It also didn't lose its shape when I cleaned it, which is a biiiig bonus. Nothing worse than a limp, lifeless brush.



  1. Lovely picks! I've heard so much about the Soap and Glory powder, but never tried it- I may have to pick it up!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

  2. I've never used olay moisturisers before but they have really nice cleansers, will definitely have to check out the beauty fluid, sounds like a dream!
    Kathy x


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