Wednesday 15 March 2017

The Kathleen Lights Colourpop Collection

If there's one beauty blogger that I trust regarding make up products, its Kathleen from KathleenLights, so when I finally worked up the courage to order from Colourpop a few months back, it was obvious that I'd pick up some things to try from her collaboration with the brand. So far there isn't anything from Colourpop that I haven't loved, meaning it was safe to say that when these products arrived at my flat, I was practically dancing around my bedroom. 

The shade Aquarius (a soft nude pink in a crème finish) has been developed into a lippie stick, ultra matte, and ultra satin lip finish, but the ultra glossy lip has changed my life. That's not even an exaggeration I promise; this lip gloss has perfected the non-sticky gloss formula, and is just the right amount of pigmentation. I wear it to university every day, and have even ordered a back up, which isn't something I've ever done with a lip product before. If you ever get the opportunity to order from the site, definitely pick this up, its the ideal pink-nude gloss and for only $6 you can't really go wrong.

The next product I wanted to try was the 'Lumiere' Lippie Stick, since I've never tried a Lippie stick before and this shade is such a pretty dusty mauve pink. I'm wary at the moment of matte products, so I appreciate the creamy formula of this on a high level, and the shape of the product means its easy to apply without a liner. The colour doesn't fade for a good few hours, with only a slight need to reapply after eating, something I would usually do regardless so isn't a big deal. This one is $5 - even better.
Last year Kathleen released three new shades in the ultra satin lip finish, which is my second favourite following the ultra glossy lip. I picked up the shade 'Point Zero', a cool toned grey brown which lasts nicely on the lips and is a comfortable formula. I love wearing this on a night out with a sheer gloss over the top, and the shade reminds me a lot of 'Stone' by MAC, but in a more wearable formula. The other shades in that release ('Alyssa' and 'November') looked completely beautiful too, but I'm yet to try those out. Again, these liquid lipsticks are $6; I'm consistently amazed by how reasonable Colourpop prices are, and considering how expensive some beauty blogger collaborations are, this one is good one to get your hands on.

The other product I was excited to try was her collection of Super Shock Shadows, an eye shadow formula that I've completely fallen head over heels for. They're an almost creamy consistency, meaning that they blend like a dream, and the pigmentation (particularly of the shimmer or glitter shades) is intense. The 'Where the Light Is' collection is $18 and includes:
  • Glow - A creamy matte vanilla shade that I use as an overall lid colour to even out the skin tone on my eyelid before I go in with other shadows. This one is super creamy.
  • Cornelius - A warm matte caramel shade that I haven't had much chance to play with yet, but when I've swatched it, it looks gorgeous. I think this would be an ideal crease shade.
  • Blaze - A "coco bronze sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter", doesn't that sound amazing? I'm a big fan of bronze shades, and of glitter, so you can't go wrong with a combination of both.
  • KathleenLights - This is my favourite, even though it's so bold that I'm almost afraid to use it. It's described as a "bright golden copper", and is without a doubt the most pigmented shadow I've ever used (see the swatches below.) Such a beautiful shadow, and it reminds me a lot of MAC 'Amber Lights', which is also a lovely shadow but is a lot more expensive.
From the items I've trialled, this Colourpop collaboration is a real winner. I'm definitely going to pick up a couple more items when I next order.

Top to Bottom: Lumiere, Aquarius, Glow, Cornelius, Blaze, Kathleen Lights, Point Zero


  1. I recently picked up the Aquarius lip trio and I'm so excited to try it! I also have a few of the shadows which i love too xx

    LPage Beauty

  2. I really like ColourPop, but I just can't bring myself to do another order, the customs are a killer! I love the shade Aquarius, it's gorgeous! The eye shadows look stunning too, especially the shade Kathleen Lights!xx

  3. Ahh I absolutely love Kathleen and all of her ColourPop products look insane! As I'm not a lip person, I tend to gravitate towards her eyeshadows. I picked up Porter last year (I didn't even realise it was one of her shadows!) and I'm head over heels for it. It's a deep plum and the pigmentation is GORGEOUS. I definitely need to try out more!

    Olivia - The Northernist x


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