Wednesday 8 March 2017

Printiki Photo Printing*

When it comes to memories, I've always been a sentimental kind of person; I struggle to delete any photos from my camera roll, and I spend a lot of time flicking through the 'memories' section on snap chat, reminiscing. My polaroid camera is my pride and joy, but often it annoys me that I'll capture a moment on my phone and not on my camera - this is where photo printing services come in.
When Printiki contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out their service and order 30 square prints, I jumped at the chance. University accommodation can seem quite bare when you initially move in, but now my walls are covered with photos of my family and friends! When I completed my order, I had the option of black or white borders, a full page image, or polaroid style prints. I thought the white border looked so chic and retro that I couldn't help but order all my prints in that style. I was also very impressed that you could select your photos to be printed in matte finish; I think matte photos look beautiful and so unique.

This service would definitely be a good way to print out photography if you wanted to create your own portfolio, or if you just wanted to print out some sentimental snaps to flick through or stick into a scrapbook. If you're stuck on gift ideas I think this would go down a treat - the photos arrive in perfect condition in an envelope, and I think anyone would appreciate this as a thoughtful gift. I'm so impressed with the speed in which my photos arrived, and £6.50 (including shipping) is a reasonable price for 30 photos. You can order your prints here, and check out the variety of options that are available to order. If you want to add an even more personal touch, you can choose to display text on the photos. I think it would be such a cute idea to put the date of each photo on the prints, particularly if you're making a scrapbook or photo album.
In a society where almost everything is documented online, I think these services are a wonderful idea. I used to spend so long looking through physical photo albums that my parents had created, and I'm glad that the idea of physical photos isn't going out of style. I know that I'll continue to print photos for as long as I can; holding memories in your hands is such a special concept. Thank you to the people at Printiki for letting me trial the service, you can also get more information through their instagram here.
*These products were sent to me to review, but all opinions are my own.


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