Tuesday 30 September 2014

My Current TBR Pile

As you may have gathered by now, my blog contains a whole mish mash of post themes! My blog post archive gives a little insight into what I have going on in my head, which is a collection of lots of random things. My post today is going to be my TBR (To Be Read) book pile - I won't say much about the books because I might end up doing reviews on some of them, but I promise you that all the books that I have read before by these authors (aside from Tease as I have never read anything from that author before) have been great.

1. The Infinite Sea - Rick Yancey.
This is the highly anticipated sequel to The Fifth Wave. The Fifth Wave is a sci-fi/apocalyptic book, with so many plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. It was a thrilling read and I can't wait to start the sequel, as the first book was left on a pretty big cliffhanger.

2. Heir Of Fire - Sarah J.Maas
I won't even try to summarise this epic fantasy series that I have fallen in love with. The characters are amazing, the plot is intense, and there is something for everyone in these books. I was lucky enough to meet Sarah J.Maas in the Summer and she is so lovely - it's hard to believe sometimes that her mind created such gory scenes! Heir of Fire is the third book in the series, and I am beyond happy to have it in my TBR pile.

3. Crash into You - Katie McGarry
This is the third book in a contemporary companion series, which is slightly more to the adult side of the young adult genre, with reference to drugs, sex and alcohol. I do love this series though, and enjoy seeing the characters and their relationships develop. I have high hopes for this book!

4. Burn for Burn - Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian
It's safe to say that Jenny Han is a contemporary queen. I don't know much about this series other than that its slightly similar to Pretty Little Liars (which happens to be one of my favourite TV shows!) Jenny Han has never let me down before, and one of my closest friends has told me that I need to read this book...and SOON.

5. Tease - Amanda Maciel
I am unbelievably excited for this last one. My favourite type of books are the ones that make you think, and that cover difficult topics that people are often scared to write about. Tease is about a bully after her victim commits suicide, and the way she has to live her life after the incident. I imagine that it will be very emotional at times, but I feel like everyone should read these types of books, to open their eyes to sad situations that go on everywhere, in every school, every day.

What books are you hoping to read?
Emily xoxo

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